2- Part Course with a lecture and a discussion.

This immensely significant teaching is about regaining the joy, love and light we lost as children. It is about living life from a bedrock of love and compassion that is unshakeable.

We have often been told that our inner child resides deep within us, covered up and locked away, living within a reality lost to us, perceptions that we have outgrown. The wounded inner child can leave scars for many lives. The unconditionally loved inner child can unleash our magnificence. We have the ability to evoke this energy and let it become accessible to our intentional healing.

Julius provides insights as to what the inner child is, what it started out to be and what it may have become. This is a course that brings deep healing and freedom from limitations.

In the lecture, Julius gave deep guidance on this most vital aspect of our being:

  • Julius’ definition of the inner child.
  • The general perception of a child in this world.
  • The systematic process of experience that is so detrimental.
  • How the controlling elements in this world are designed.
  • The extraordinary metamorphosis of the inner child.
  • The first engagement of fear in a child.
  • When the stifling of the inner child begins.
  • How the total detachment takes place.
  • The generational difference in the raising of children.
  • Insights into raising children today.
  • The amazing qualities of the inner child.
  • The first layer of inner child work.
  • The cause of pain, suffering, resistance, limitation.
  • Detailed practices for 30-day reprogramming for connecting with your inner child.
  • What to look for as an indication of successful inner work.
  • What to do in the next 30 days.

More understanding and depth on this immensely important topic:

  • Vital, highly interesting information on the altered ego.
  • What happens to consciousness between transition and reincarnation.
  • Is there any general age at which the inner child gets detached?
  • How the altered ego helps us.
  • The great news about the conscious journey.
  • What we decide on before we incarnate.
  • The amazing way our soul communicates with us in childhood.
  • Fabulous guidance on anti-aging.
  • How to experience memories anew.
  • What is real and what is fantasy?
  • How we go through thought as children.
  • How we can help our children access their inner child.
  • The most prominent indication that the inner child has been traumatised.
  • More beautiful, happy ways to bring back and nurture the inner child.
  • Factors playing in rebirth, soul families.
  • Our lives when the inner child is nurtured and grows with us.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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