The Pearl In The Experience

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What Dimension Are You From?

We hear about people communicating with beings from the n-th dimension, or taking their consciousness into such and such realm, and if we were honest with ourselves we’d say that it sounds just too abstract or far away or plain weird. We’re probably not going to get to that space in this lifetime, some of us think.

But Julius tells us that everyone of us has realm and dimensional experiences while living on earth.  We don’t have to have ESP or some other extraordinary abilities to be eligible for such experiences.  They are a part and parcel of our lives and most of us are not aware of this.

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Fasten Your Energetic Seatbelt!

“Get yourself ready, energetically. We’re going to traverse across dimensions, realms and vortices, which are going to traverse you through the gossamer thread and interconnectedness of all the demonstrations of thought, which is you, which. is. you. So, in other words, Masters, we’re going to continue to help you get to know yourself, the hidden aspects of yourself that mostly you have closed the doors to.” ~ Julius

Once we become aware and realize the world of difference that exists between realm experiences and dimensional experiences that we go through in our day-to-day lives, we get the power to fashion and steer our lives onto the fulfilling path of peace, joy and love that always seems to elude us as we get buffeted by the winds of change, chaos and confusion.

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Can You Juggle on the Balance Beam?

To be able to balance realm and dimensional experiences is to finally get a handle on all that is going on, which we have been unaware of or overlooked. It is getting deeper into the intricacies of life so that life may become simple and smooth, no matter how paradoxical that may sound.

This is a balance that hardly ever gets talked about because most people are unaware of the multitudinous levels at which we are all living while we walk this earth. The path of mastery includes all aspects, disregards none because to do so would be to eliminate vital pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that leads to ascension. Julius tells us that though the journey of consciousness becomes easier as we continue our inner work, it becomes more complex.

In our advanced course of the month – Balancing Realm And Dimensional Experiences In Your Life – we are stepping into a complexity made simple with the high wisdom and clarity that is the hallmark of all teachings by Julius.

Learn more and register below…….

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