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Recommendations of The Month

These are courses that are intuitively chosen as helpful teachings to people in this moment of Now. In each course, the Q&A session is included – an integral part of the course that expands the teaching to the next level of understanding.

Healing the Unhealable

This outstanding teaching holds a compassion that soothes, a power that transforms and a clarity that liberates. It addresses a common yet highly disturbing issue:
Are there ways to heal our own pain and suffering when we cannot seem to reach those we love the most?  Sometimes relationships seem unhealable, especially if the other person dies or cuts themselves completely off from contact with us?  When topics are left misunderstood, when love is twisted, and hurtful, how do we heal ourselves? Are we destined to hold the pain in our hearts and simply manage them to a certain degree, or is there clear and complete resolution?
These relationships are often between parent and child, lovers, friends, and even siblings. When the inability to communicate in loving ways is lost and seemingly irrevocable misunderstandings and differences crop up. Do we just sit back and wish for love, or can we heal our hearts? What of Free Will?  Do we grant it to another or grant it to ourselves?
Julius helps us access the Love for all.  They give us tangible thought guidelines to go to when the pain hits the hardest.
Be loved , be well, be Source.



The Oversensitive Soul

  • Your range of sensitivity through the seals of consciousness.
  • What does victimhood have to do with sensitivity?
  • When sensitivity is a natural by-product.
  • Surfing the tidal waves of change with joy.
  • The desensitized soul.
  • What keeps you desensitized and limited.
  • Detailed guidance on meeting the challenge of being oversensitive.
  • Being sensitive and mastering this realm.
  • Helping loved ones with their sensitivity.
  • Sacred spaces and activities and their amazing value.
  • Additional focus on helping oversensitive children.

More in-depth clarity and guidance:

  • The startling truth about how intuitiveness helps everybody in the second seal of consciousness.
  • How to master rather than control your emotions.
  • The love perspective of anger and sadness.
  • The way out for desensitized souls.
  • Empowering guidance for feelings of hopelessness and suicide.