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The Balanced Life Intensive

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the-balanced-life-intensive-bannerIntroducing the The Balanced Life Intensive, hosted by Donna McLain

24 Experts Reveal the Secrets to Designing a Life of Health, Productivity, and Joy

“Find Balance and Stability for Your Life with Donna McLain”

This 12-day Virtual Event begins on Dec 12th

Claim your FREE virtual seat!


You know that nagging feeling, that if you just had that one illusive “secret” to unlock the door to the power of your OWN “inner voice,” that you would finally bring balance to your life, find energy to accomplish desired activities and discover REAL JOY AND SATISFACTION.

This is about REAL health, productive actions, and life-long pleasure. No more quick-fix tactics and disappointing rhetoric.  We know deep down that much of what we think we know about health, achieving significant results, and finding fulfillment does NOT work for us. You’ve been trying lots of different things and you still feel as though life is chaotic and that it’s passing you by.

That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Donna McLain’s virtual event. She’s brought together over 21 MASTERFUL, PRESTIGIOUS speakers to help you “Say Good-bye” to GUILT, OVERWHELM, and CONFUSION which are simply obstacles to achieving:

  1. Excellent health
  2. A productive and fulfilling life
  3. True joy and satisfaction on a daily basis

It’s time to implement strategies that work. It’s the expert advice, proven practices, personal experiences, and available resources you’ve wanted, needed and looked for…all in one place.

We are Medical Doctors; Naturopathic Doctors; Psychologists; Systems, Productivity and Organization experts; Life and Health Coaches; Nutrition experts; Fitness professionals; Professional Speakers; radio show hosts; authors; and others. We’ve had our own struggles along the path to achieving life balance– and our personal stories reflect that. Together, we’ll reach optimal health, productivity and joy!

 Join us. http://thebalancedlifeintensive.com/brad-and-kasey-wallis


I Want to Heal 2016

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We are excited to let you know that we are going to be a guest on a call with the I Want to Heal Community!

Before we tell you more, we want to let you know that one lucky caller will receive our special offer for FREE! So YOU really don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Go to www.IWantToHeal.com to sign up.


Now let us tell you a little bit about this community…

It is created to help YOU tap into your healing potential. Whether you are trying to break free from limitation, stop the pain, overcome blocks, finally find connection, peace, love, financial freedom, or your purpose – this is the community for YOU.

Each week two expert healers will talk on different aspects of healing. These calls will help you delve deeper and find the answers to why you are experiencing your current challenges. This deeper awareness can help you discover that ah-ha! moment that you are seeking. You can then make the necessary changes or release any stuck energy that is blocking you from creating the life that you want.

The speakers are a unique blend of inspirational leaders and master healers that will help motivate you and give you the tools that you need to finally heal.

PLUS there will be Saturday group calls to connect with other members.

“To know someone who thinks & feels with us, & who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is a great opportunity to find true friends, connect with like-minded individuals, get support, and to finally start fulfilling the dreams that you once thought were impossible.

The calls start November 29th at 2:00 pm PST.

Go to www.IWantToHeal.com and sign up today!


Zeenah Spirit is the host of I Want To Heal Community, she has a gift to inspire others to live from the heart. Catch the wave of connection and love that will help you finally experience wholeness.

We look forward to interacting with you on the call.

Article potential

Potential Or Possibility

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Two of the most underrated words in our vocabulary having unimaginable width of creativity and experience.

Whether you recognize it or not, you make the choice or decision about everything that happens or shows up in your life based upon the potential and possibility factors of this existence. YOU do this….not someone else. These two words in our Human language explain all of this beautifully! So how aware are you of them?

They seem to have a similar meaning, what’s the difference?

Potential– Having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

Possibility– A thing that may happen or be the case. May be chosen or done out of several alternatives.

What if you were to ask yourself the question: “Is something possible?” Or you asked yourself, “Does it have the potential to become something?” Such expansive questions and considerations! Have you ever stopped to ponder the outcome of those questions? If you used the dictionary definitions listed above, would your question change because of the possible potential outcome of what it is you are searching for or asking?  Would it change knowing that it could develop into or develop out of what YOU think it should be?

Now you are possibly saying to yourself at this point,“ I’ve never thought of it that way before.” And this gets back to some of our earlier conversations with you about being aware of what you are thinking and everything that is going on around you.

When you ask yourself something about potential or possibility, there is a crucial factor you need to add: “ What do I desire or what do I want?”  Again, it cannot be emphasized enough that this is about You… not someone else. The others have their own desires and wants, which are not yours…

This is an important point because this is a way we complicate things in our life. We get so busy worrying about everyone else’s wants, they become our problem! We allow ourselves to get sidetracked from what we are trying to create due to what everyone else is wanting. And therein lie the seeds of failure in our manifestation process. We begin to think, “This spiritual stuff doesn’t work for me! I can’t get what I want! How come everyone else gets what they want but I get nothing?” You would get a clue, if upon reading this, you sat down and analyzed whether it is what you want or what others want.   

And while you are doing that analysis, another key point to remember is that the very state of wanting creates havoc too.  While it is not possible to go into details about this hugely prevalent state in this article, we will say that wanting will always leave you doing just that very thing…Wanting…and waiting. Oh how fun this Human language and verbeage is and so revealing sometimes. How many of you pay attention to the very thing or things you do all day? Do you find yourself saying, I want… I want… I want… That, my friends, is where the trouble begins!

Potential and possibility: Two words in the vocabulary that most are not even aware of and yet both are used in practically every outcome in our existence. Two words that, if you were aware of their potential or possibility, could change your life and the way you see or do things.

If you were open enough to recognize the potential, would more possibilities come forth for you? If they did, would that expand your acceptance of potential, opening up an even wider range of possibilities? Would that in turn expand your sense of self and your life because now you would be the master chef converting the limitless potential of ingredients to manifest an infinite feast of your creations? What if you could do all of this?

Just one more of those What If questions we all seem to overlook….. And yet, what if just by becoming aware of what is at play here and working it to expand our experience and knowing, we could get to that ultimate knowing that we are the Pure Potential of All That There Is? The Truth is within reach.
Have a great day!


Brad Wallis