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Life Winning & Destiny

By January 24, 2016 No Comments

That’s February… The Month of Life Winning & Destiny, and we have 3 amazing offers for you…

winning-the-game-of-life-800wCOURSE 1:
Winning The Game Of Life.

In this course, Julius will explore the facets that we refer to as ‘The Game Of Life’.

We have both created, and chosen, roles for ourselves which in turn have picked our positions, if you will, on the playing field.

Can we change the role we play?..

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Creating A New Identity & Changing Destiny.

What if you could change destiny?..

What if by changing your Current Identity into something far more Accepting, Expansive and AWARE, You Change Destiny?..

If you had the power to alter what has been set into motion?… Would you?

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Personal Life Winning & Destiny Package.

This Package comes with…

1. The above course: “WINNING The Game Of LIFE”.

2. The above course: “Creating A NEW IDENTITY & CHANGING DESTINY”

3. A 30 Minute PERSONAL READING by Julius to help you evaluate your experience of life as it is, and how you can change it to create a better personal experience.

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