July Free Show

Welcome to the July Free Show Replay

Enjoy the show and check out our Recommendations of The Month below.

Here are a few of the many comments we received during the free show…thank you to all who participated! We wouldn’t have a show without you! Love and gratitude to all!

Thanks guys – I love you 😉

Love and Gratitude

Thank ks guys You rock 


Thank you very, very interesting! Bless you all

Infinite Gratitude to you all Infinite Blessings

Recommendations of The Month

These are courses that are intuitively chosen as helpful teachings to people in this moment of Now. In each course, the Q&A session is included – an integral part of the course that expands the teaching to the next level of understanding.

Bridge Consciousness – Resolving Issues In Your Life

The journey through consciousness can be loosely described as a journey through 7 stages or phases of consciousness. The fourth phase is called bridge consciousness as it is the bridge or the gateway from the 3 levels of consciousness that are fear-based to the 3 levels of love-based consciousness. It is the stage and phase of consciousness, in which the transition from human being to light being begins and continues. This is when long-standing issues within and without begin to resolve. Julius gives this teaching to guide us with this extremely important transition. Its value is timeless and priceless.


Does Energy Affect Your Consciousness?

This teaching is a personal favorite of many as it addresses one of the most challenging and vital issues on the conscious journey – that of staying centered amidst distraction. As a most comprehensive and helpful teaching that has many effective practices and solutions, this is a course that you will return to time and time again for answers and clear resolution of some of the challenges that most people face as they raise their consciousness.

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