A 3-day event that is powerfully healing and self-empowering. Each day expands you with a mindful, consciousness lecture with Julius. Julius Retreat includes a face-to-face reading with Julius for understanding your own spiritual path. Takes you on a thrilling Ghost Tour to sit in as an audience member of Kasey and Brad’s new series ‘Ghosts of The Caribbean’. And you have an entire island to explore new activities.

May 20th – 24th, 2017

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Mindful, Consciousness Lectures

The Philosophy of Julius

Julius is a collective of high light energy beings dedicated to empowering humanity through teachings and philosophies that YOU are God and that You are the creative force of your reality. The key division between a low consciousness state and a High consciousness state is judgement. By mastering the components of judgement, you change your life and your experience. Through our programming, retreats, online courses,and personal readings, Julius will guide and support you in eliminating all judgement, resistances and lack in your life. This high wisdom and practical guidance is being made available to aid you in your journey to becoming a fully enlightened being.

~Kasey and Brad

A lecture and discussion with Julius each day at the retreat expands your consciousness.

Face-to-face Julius Reading

Personal readings with Julius are a life-changing experience! They literally give you a new, impassioned lease on life. While all teachings and discussions of Julius lead to self-empowerment and knowing of your true self, there may be roadblocks or resistance to that state of being that are specific to you. You cannot identify the issues or you do not know how to resolve them. Whatever may be your long-standing issues at the mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level, this is your unique opportunity to get that specific guidance and help and move rapidly into resolution.

These are just a few of the ways you are helped:

  • Learning the root cause of an illness and its resolution.
  • Identifying subconscious patterns from this and other lifetimes that are impacting you adversely.
  • Specific guidance and help in your closest relationships.
  • Getting explicit advice on manifesting your desires.

30-Minute Personal Reading With Julius Price: $400.

Each participant gets one for free.

Ghosts of The Caribbean Tour

The Ghosts of The Caribbean Tour takes you on a reality-altering experience as an audience member in an upcoming episode of Kasey and Brad’s new series “Ghosts of The Caribbean”. Not only do you get to see the old pirate fort on the island, but interact with the ghosts that inhabit this and other parts of this area.

Private Island Adventure

The Julius Retreat is on one of the last truly original and pristine islands of the Caribbean, called Fort Morgan Cay. It gives you the wonder of being on the second largest barrier reef system in the world. A whole island of 33 acres is yours to roam around in the Western Caribbean. It’s located about a mile off the shore of Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands. The Bay Islands are often called the “Gems of the Caribbean” and preserve their own Caribbean culture heritage and English language. The ruins of the old pirate fort are still present today. Only an hour away from Roatan International Airport.

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Complimentary Massage and Gem Acupressure

We are blessed to be in alignment with special practitioner, Martina Štanclová. As part of your stay, you receive a complimentary massage or gem acupressure from her. She is an excellent healer.

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Fresh Island Cuisine

The island’s staff prepares 3 meals each day for you. The staff makes dishes inspired by the local island cuisine, featuring fresh fish and seafood from the local fishermen, as well as tropical fruits and grains. Water, juices, beer, rum and snacks are also included in your stay.

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What’s included in the Julius Retreat:

  • Lodging – 3 Queen Suites with 2 queen beds and 3 King Rooms with one king bed, all with a private bathroom and outdoor terrace
  • Free personal 30-min reading with Julius
  • Food
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • A complimentary massage or gem acupressure
  • Water activities of your choice such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, kite-surfing, kayaking and hiking
  • Ghosts of The Caribbean Tour
  • Mindful, consciousness lectures with Julius
  • Transportation from and to Roatan International Airport (RTB)

Price: $2995

Attendees limited to 14.

Reserve your spot now with a $500 deposit.

Deposit is followed by 3 payments of $831.60

Attend this event and you’ll receive $100 off the Southern Utah Retreat in September 2017.

Flight tickets to and from Roatan International Airport (RTB) are not included. RTB receives flights from Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Montreal, San Salvador and Panama. RTB flights commonly arrive on Saturdays and depart on Wednesdays.
Lodging at Fort Morgan Cay cannot be extended before or after Julius Retreat. Costs for lodging at any place other than Fort Morgan Cay are not included. Our recommendations for other lodging are West Bay Lodge located in the heart of West Bay, Roatan activities. Another one is Parrot Tree Plantation located in the quiet mid-island part of Roatan away from busy activities. Both lodges include breakfast and charge around $100-$150 per night.
A passport is required to enter Honduras. Each participant is responsible for determining their specific passport requirements and obtaining the necessary documents prior to departure. The process for obtaining a passport can take 3-6 weeks. Non-U.S. citizens must consult. Please check with the relevant authorities prior to embarking on your trip.
For questions, please contact support@expandwithjulius.com