Intimacy, Openness, Connectedness — Higher Consciousness in Relationships

Be and Receive. Extraordinary Love!

Relationships can be the source of extreme discomfort, stress and pain or they can be the solid foundation of support and love from which to discover, create and unleash all that lies within us and the loved ones around us. Many of us long for that sacred union but are unsure of how to create it. On this physical plane, the cards appear to be stacked against a seemingly lofty possibility of love.


“You should be adored and you should adore the other person. Really. Every soul deserves to be adored.”

– Julius


Yet if you knew that you could have such love, would you not reach out for it if you were shown the way? Perhaps the time has come for you to gift yourself the immense rewards of such a union. And your demonstration of this giving and receiving of love will heal much in a world that has mainly experienced every facet of fear.


Shall we seize the day, simply because we can?


This package of teachings by Julius lay the groundwork for creating extraordinary, loving relationships in your life. The clarity and guidance in these teachings will lead you to what you have been unconsciously seeking all your life – a space in which you are loved and accepted for who you are and in which you do the same for others. It is a space that transcends the physical and connects you at the soul level.






Feeling Your Emotions Safely

Emotions are an integral part of relationships and this teaching goes far in emphasizing their importance in fulfilling relationships. On the other side of the coin, repeated expressions of anger, fear, stress or sadness can destroy a relationship so we see them as wrong and try to move away from them. When it seems almost impossible to be non-reactive, there has to be another way to stop these emotions getting in the way of a harmonious relationship. That’s what this module is about. It’s about honouring all emotions and letting them be the foundation of a strong bond.
Some of the key guidance in this module:


  • The sheer importance of emotions on our conscious journey
  • How to reactivate and process many more emotions to facilitate a fulfilling life.
  • Emotions in high consciousness and enlightenment
  • How to create an energetic container to nurture all emotions and convert them into higher energy patterns of love.

Bonus meditation: A guided meditation for creating a sacred space in which you can feel your emotions of frustration, stress, anger etc. safely without harming your relationships.





Connecting with Lost Loved Ones 


Through Your Dreams

When someone we love transitions from this life, most of us are devastated by the loss of their physical presence. In this module, Julius brings us a deeply loving message of a higher truth – we never lose them, they are never gone and the bond continues. How we can connect with them and how these relationships continue is the central theme of this module.

You discover:


  • How to recognize the other soul without a body
  • Detailed guidance on how to connect to loved ones through dreams.
  • Effective practices to help with the process of connecting.
  • The desire of the departed soul.





Reaching Greater Depths 


of Intimacy

Many shy away from true intimacy, making the relationships just a shadow of what they could be. How does one conquer the fear of being vulnerable and hurt in relationships when they are such an important part of life on this physical plane and when they hold such huge potential for happiness and fulfillment? These teachings by Julius give excellent guidance on this topic.

You discover:


  • The fundamental connection that is missing within you.
  • How to move from victimhood to self-empowerment.
  • How your empowerment promotes intimacy and love in relationships.
  • How to enhance physical intimacy in a relationship.





Hidden Keys to A Loving Relationship

These 3 modules contain advanced teachings from Julius on relationships. They bring immense clarity, enabling us to reach beautifully elevated levels of love and communication in our relationships. These teachings contribute greatly to our endeavour to reach high levels of self-acceptance, beauty and love within ourselves and with others.


  • How shame and unworthiness get tied to intimacy early in life.
  • The major contributing factors to unfulfilling relationships.
  • Practical guidance on creating your own intimate self.
  • How to connect with your partner on a deeper, more fulfilling level.
  • Deciphering the vital facets of emotional connection with another.
  • Very important keys to a deeply satisfying new relationship.
  • How to move past trauma and infidelity in relationships.
  • How to repair relationships hitting a rough patch.





Become Love Meditation

This incredible meditation transmutes your being into love. Allow yourself to just flow with the guidance and become.



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