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How Your Energy Frequency Affects Your Thoughts & Experiences.

By December 27, 2015 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

the-7-frequency-bands-and-your-auric-field-2016Hold Your Arms Out Straight To The Side Of Your Body.

From the edge of your body to your elbow is your first Energy Frequency Band.

The second Frequency Band reaches out to the end of your fingers.

Now imagine that you are standing in a room full of people with both you and them having 2 to 4 energy frequency bands activated.
You can now be aware that all your energy frequency bands are bouncing off of each other.

As your energy frequency bands contain thoughts, you are all sharing thoughts and saturating each others’ perspectives and opinions without you even realising it, until now.

In our class, The 7 Frequency Bands And Your Auric Field. 2016 Version, you will learn how raising your energy frequency attracts higher levels of conscious people, thoughts and experiences into your life.

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