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How To Really Feel ALL Your Emotions

By January 11, 2016 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

feeling-your-emotions-safely-promoLearn How To Feel Your Emotions Without Acting Out.

People often prioritize experiences of positive emotions…

…but other emotions like fear, anger, doubt and sadness are seen as signs that we are doing something wrong, or that we are not doing something correctly on our path to enlightenment.

Some practitioners have taught you to cover negative emotions or hide them.

We believe the safest route is to create a container for your self to embrace and nurture these emotions, and learn to convert them to the higher energy patterns of love and allowing.

In this powerful class on emotions, Julius teaches us ways to manage all the emotions of the human experience, and show us ways to feel and express them.

Learning how to feel the emotions in the body without acting out is masterhood in demonstration, and Julius shows us in our class…

Feeling Your Emotions Safely.

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