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How To Literally Feel Like An Enlightened Master

By January 18, 2016 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

disappointmentControlling Your Emotions Is Like Taking The Wrong Turn!..

..and will lead to aging, disease, a sense of dissatisfaction, and lack of fulfilment in life.

…because you are not allowing the soul to experience every facet of life.

hugging-loveA More Loving And Enjoyable Approach…

…We will show you a better way to experience all the different types of emotions.

Our 3 module class on Feeling Your Emotions Safely will give you not only an extremely effective and enjoyable process to help you with your emotions, it will provide great insights and loving, in-depth guidance from Julius.

The 3 modules of the class:

> A prior meditation for converting disruptive emotions.
> A live lecture with a deep discussion.
> A Live Q&A for you to ask your questions.

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