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This immensely significant teaching is about regaining the joy, love and light we lost as children. It is about living life from a bedrock of love and compassion that is unshakeable.

We have often been told that our inner child resides deep within us, covered up and locked away, living within a reality lost to us, perceptions that we have outgrown. The wounded inner child can leave scars for many lives. The unconditionally loved inner child can unleash our magnificence. We have the ability to evoke this energy and let it become accessible to our intentional healing.

Julius provides insights as to what the inner child is, what it started out to be and what it may have become. This is a course that brings deep healing and freedom from limitations.

This teaching is undoubtedly a gem of high wisdom, information and valuable guidance.  It fills a gap in our understanding that sometimes makes our conscious journey a struggle. Feeding courage is indispensable to master life, to have fun and joy as we continue our journey. This course is about where to put our focus and what to avoid in order to move into greater fulfillment.  Our soul needs to grow, learn and love.  It needs new things and thrilling adventures.
It is this aspect of feeding courage that provides the soul the expansion it continually seeks. Courage is patient, it nurtures, it selects the right environment for the experience.  It is wise. Courage is a long term commitment and it takes intention and follow through.
You not only get practical guidance on how to feed courage on a daily basis but also some truly life-defining insights that make you sit up, take notice and use that wisdom in your movement forward.

Julius paints the canvas into being for you:

  • The 3 imperative things most human beings want to manifest.
  • What beings in higher states of consciousness want to manifest on the physical plane.
  • Do you need to sacrifice what you want in life to reach higher consciousness?
  • The ultimate paradox of manifestation.
  • Are you the cat with short legs? Truly amazing analogy.
  • Why instructions on how to manifest do not work.
  • How to move past instructions to finding the teachings – a crucial element.
  • How greed develops.
  • The ultimate reminder to you that you are Source.
  • The first important step for powerful manifestation.
  • The emergency brake in manifestation and how to release it.
  • The most important missing component in successful manifestation.
  • How to get out of lack in your life.

In the lecture, Julius clarifies these important aspects:

  • The historical imprint left in us about guides.
  • The helpful perspective about guides that will facilitate communication.
  • Two main obstacles in communicating with guides.
  • The ability of the guides to communicate with you at a deep level.
  • Four ways in which guides try to get your attention.
  • The common communication tactics and aligned experiences with other beings.
  • The foolproof application for recognizing and communicating with your guide.
  • A major issue and huge disconnect when communicating with guides.
  • What constitutes a healthy relationship with your guide.
  • Concrete signs that a guide is trying to communicate with you.

The unerring way to magnificence:

  • Who is the culprit of the codes of limitation?
  • What happens when you have an emotional experience?
  • A perfect analogy of these codes.
  • What will keep you embedded in limitations.
  • The efficient and effective way to clear all limitations.
  • The difference between the mind and the soul relating to an experience.
  • The definition of insanity.
  • How do you know when love, your heart, your soul are the driving force?
  • How to use your soul group to shift into high consciousness.
  • The supportive practices for clearing limitations.