From Where It All Begins

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Where do light beings come from? Most of us on a conscious journey will say, ‘from Source’. Glibly said and not much understood by most of us. Seers and sages have attempted to describe what Source is and generally, the human language has proved to be unequal to the task. When Julius describes Source, it is not so much the words that convey their meaning, it is the energy and experience as you hear them that creates an impression within you.

Many of us would like to leave this deeper knowledge of Source to a later date. We’ll generally say, we haven’t figured out human life, how to be safe, secure and happy in it, what are we going to gain from understanding our origin? That’s for later. Yet it is our thirst for mastery of this realm that gets slaked by knowing more about ourselves.

Wherever you are living now, no matter how far you have come, there’s more, there’s more. That is our promise to you. That is Source’s dedication to itself – that there is always more. ~ Julius

To know ourselves as Source, even if only in theory at the beginning, is to plunge enthusiastically into one of the greatest mysteries of our true being and to know that this is just the start of a never- ending play of discovery, love and expansion. It is to embrace more closely what we do not yet know through experience, knowing that we are setting up the stage, lighting up the path to that destiny, which beckons all souls who have forgotten their essence.

You are the only direct creation from Source itself. ~ Julius

Living in this hologram without remembrance of all that we are shuts down the limitless possibilities that arise for us in each moment and to dance on each ripple of joy that this knowledge effortlessly transports us into. We have lived thousands of lifetimes knowing ourselves only as human. We have felt pain and suffering, limitation and lack, fear and unhappiness. All because we have forgotten the magnificence of our being and the limitless power of love.

Fear and love are components of either knowing that you are Source or not knowing that you are Source. ~ Julius

Should we seek remembrance because we have done fear to death, quite literally? Should we sweep aside the cobwebs of conditioning and deep imprints of trauma so that joy becomes our new companion? The answers are obvious and the call is true.

It is in response to this call that Julius has been giving detailed teachings on the 7 levels of consciousness. Coming up is the last in the series – The Seventh Level Of Consciousness. During this 2-day period, you will receive a far deeper understanding of what Source is, who you really are and when you do, your inner world will open and be receptive to all the higher frequencies of love and light. Know yourself because in doing so, you open the floodgates to fulfillment and mastery of this realm!

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