Is JULIUS a person?
No, JULIUS is a collective of High Energy Intelligence. They reside above singular experience in form and vibrate at the Light Frequency.

Has JULIUS ever been Human?
Some of the group has been in Human form and experience. This is why they have valuable information for the Human perspective and journey.

Is JULIUS’ teachings Christian based?
JULIUS does not support religious doctrine or perspectives.

Does Kasey remember the information she channels?
When channeling JULIUS, Kasey is not consciously aware of the dialogue. Although over time she remembers more of what comes through.

Can Brad hear JULIUS?
Yes, but not the same way as Kasey.

How do I access my course or meditation?
After purchase, you will get an email for your order confirmation. You login to your account through that email or just by clicking the My Downloads link in the footer of this site. After logging in, you will click a PDF link from your order list and a PDF is downloaded or shown to you depending on your device. This download link expires after 30 days. We recommend you download the audio files on a computer.

I click on a link but it doesn’t play, what’s wrong?
Most technical issues seem to be related to the browser that you are using. We recommend that you try Firefox or Google Chrome and ensure your browser is up to date. Also, try refreshing the web page and try again.

I want to purchase a class but can’t attend live. Are replays available?
Once the class teachings are over, a downloadable option is provided using the same link that you used to listen to the live class. You will need to wait for the file to upload (usually only a few minutes) and then simply click on the link again and you’ll see “download”. Right click on this and save the class teaching to your computer.

Can I get a refund?
Due to the downloadable nature of our teachings, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final. We know that some summit hosts do provide refunds for our courses when purchased through them but we do not.