Remembering What You Have Forgotten And Becoming Self-Empowered.

The gift of all teachings by Julius is the invaluable gift of self-empowerment. Each and every teaching takes you back to the knowing of who you truly are.

Each and every class brings you back to remembering who you are and the true magnificence of your being.

Even those who have been deeply embedded in unworthiness and limitation have found themselves resonating with the truth of these teachings.

Julius reaches out to us and tears back the veils of forgetfulness, revealing the wondrous gift we are to ourselves and to all others.

5-day-course-fUnderstanding What Consciousness Is And How It Affects Our Lives.

This awakening starts with getting a deep understanding of consciousness.

What is consciousness at a personal level? What is high and low consciousness? How do these states impact us and our lives? Where do we begin in our search for a more fulfilling, joyful life, free from pain and suffering? And what is the way forward? How do we keep our focus and stay centered amidst distraction? How do we meet the challenges that may come up for us as we embark on this most fascinating and satisfying journey of our lives?

Receive Understanding And Guidance On Consciousness For A Few Days.

This 5-day course is designed to give you an introduction to the fascinating world of consciousness – your consciousness.

It will give you the opportunity to listen to and absorb the clarity and guidance provided in these teachings as well as experience the great compassion, love and high-frequency energy of Julius that comes through in this wonderful partnership of love and expansion that we all share with Julius when we come to these teachings.

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