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Take Flight

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Take Flight

This package adopts a two-pronged approach to bring more of the 3 life-enhancing qualities of joy, peace and fulfillment into your everyday life. On one hand it helps you remove the huge boulder of judgement that prevents these qualities from gaining a foothold in your life. On the other hand it streamlines your manifestation process by adding or removing key elements that play a definitive role in diminishing or raising your sense of achievement, joy, and satisfaction.


Teaching 1- Living in the Now

For it is sheer magic and staggering importance, the practice and perspective of living in the now is almost unequaled. This teaching helps you:

  • Most past judgement of self to forgiveness of self
  • Heal yourself, be renewed, manifest the highest forms of love.
  • Move away from fear, repetitive, subconscious patterns, blocks and imprints from the past,
  • Turbo charge your manifestation process.

Teaching #2- How Broad is your Acceptance

This teaching is a cornerstone of all Julius’s teachings, along with living in the new teaching. If your acceptance {Julius explains exactly what they mean by acceptance in this course} is limited, life is limited in experience. As a little known but crucially important component of the manifestation process, its value increases with its application in every sphere of your life. This teaching with help you by:

  • Vastly igniting many more possibilities in your manifestation process
  • Raising your consciousness and frequency
  • Dissolving the key block of judgement in your life

Teaching #3- Reckless vs Intelligent Behavior

 This invaluable teaching is not about what is generally perceived as “recklessness” in the world. Its value lies in helping us master this physical life. This is an advanced teaching on living in the now. When we start practicing the art of living in the now, we sometimes slide into a pitfall that can have less than fulfilling results. You learn:

  • To decipher whether you are making the choices most suitable to you in the moment of now
  • How to live life the intelligent/mindful way
  • How to master life on this physical plane through insights in this teaching.

Teaching #4 – The Automated thought process

The automated thought process kills the 3 qualities. It is a huge resistant energy that we are mostly unaware of, yet it continually places us out of alignment. It is a huge part of our thought process, which creates our life. Julius gives this teaching to:

  • Lift us out of stagnation, anxiety & stress into fulfillment
  • To help us move past extremely limiting and joyless automated thoughts
  • Make manifestation more effortless




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