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February Special

If spiritual fitness is your new mantra, 2019 is going to rock for you! We hear it all the time – we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It stands to reason that ignoring this spiritual essence will lead to the 3 Ds – disappointment, despair and dissatisfaction. When we start paying attention to the powerhouse within us, life follows our vibration and there is fulfillment, joy and a continuing understanding and demonstration of our magnificence.

To help you on your way, we have a special series of teachings this year that will start taking your life to the next level of satisfaction, smooth out the speed bumps and give you clarity to achieve all you desire. Sounds promising and almost too good to be true? It’s worth your effort and investment, just as it is rewarding for us to make it more affordable for you.

The two special teachings of this month are:

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Separating The Altered Ego Reactiveness From The Soul’s Perspective

2-Part Course
This course is of enormous significance to all who have consciously embarked on their spiritual journey and face opposition from loved ones and other members of their society.
Julius discusses the often mystifying subject of detachment. Their explanation is a masterpiece of clarity and high wisdom. Just this part of the teaching will help many to continue joyfully on their journey.
This immensely relevant course is not only about dealing with such painful issues, it goes further in revealing to us the way of mastery on this physical realm. The knowledge imparted and the Aha moments that you will undoubtedly have as you listen to these teaching will create a fulfilling shift in your being as you incorporate the changes in your life.
Dealing with attack from those that we love is one of the most challenging and paralyzing experiences one is challenged with while being human. When the ones we love the most are in so much pain, and our attempts to help them are not only rejected, but they unleash anger and sometimes even violence towards us, what can we do? How do we manage this in our minds and hearts?

30% OFF

Steps To Refine Your Authenticity

2-Part Course

This is a key teaching because it is one of the main components for happiness and fulfillment. It is that vital aspect that is not taught to you as a child, rather you are taught about how to fit and survive in the world, which usually causes you to lose your authenticity while still very young. You become something you are not because acceptance by the world is given priority.

When we choose the path of spirituality, we are told to access our authentic self.
Going about this process can be simple for some and extremely complex for others. Some critical questions in this all-important aspect of ourselves: Where does our identity come from and what if we need to maintain a certain portion of what we have been before in order to remain in our circle, job, or society? And at the same time, we seek to refine our authentic Soul and display it proudly and confidently. The polarity of this realm causes us to be complex polarity creatures, so what is Authentic anyway?