Kasey: ………….the energy was extraordinary. Of course, the variable energies of different civilisations who have touched those ruins over time and over existence here on the planet. It was very, very interesting. Again, we had the opportunity to do a little bit of channeling without freaking out too many tourists with what we were doing. Brad has some good filming and some good narration. We actually going to be working that into our presentation that we can present to all of you so keep in touch with us. We’ll let you know probably as we piece something together.

Brad: Yes, two different pyramid sites, two different sites in the Veracruz area.

Kasey: Yes, very, very cool. …….One of the funnest and most exciting things that we have coming up is. we’re going to do a live event. We’re really excited, you know. …..But we’re going to be live and we want to give everybody the opportunity and a big heads up to possibly come and see us. Where are we going to be?

Brad: San Diego, California to begin with, there’s the first event on April 3rd at the New Earth Expo. Dean and his family who runs that event and that Expo have graciously brought us back. We started many, many years ago at the New Earth Expo.

Kasey: Ya, we did, we did. And he’s been bugging us to come and do a paid live event for him, talk to our audience and expand things and we’ve decided that we’re going to go ahead and do that. It’s at Mission Valley Resort.

Brad: Mission Valley Resort in San Diego, California on April 3rd, which is a Sunday.

Kasey: You can go to the newearthexpo.com and click on their events and you can get information on what it is that they’re doing. We’re going to be doing 2 live presentations on Sunday. One earlier in the day to introduce Julius to the audience. We’ll be talking a little bit about who Julius is, of course, and introducing people in the audience and then a little bit later on in the afternoon, we’re going to be doing our paid live class. You can get on that website and figure out if maybe that’s something you could possibly come and see us at.  That is a paid event, I believe it’s what 45 dollars?

Brad: It’s 55 dollars at the door but if you go through and you get a 10 dollar discount off it if you buy it early.  And then there’s also a 10 dollar admission fee but if you sign up for New Earth Expo, you actually get that 10 dollar admission fee ticket free of charge. So that’s a pretty good deal.

Kasey: You know, the weather’s going to be gorgeous in Southern California.

Brad: We hope.

Kasey: It usually is.

Brad: But it’s indoors and we’ve got 4 or 5 events that we’re going to do up and down the coast of California [??], maybe more. We’ll see how it goes. But if you’ve ever wanted to see Julius live, the discussion we’re actually going to be talking about is the 21 chakras. But as so many times, if you’ve sat through our course on 21 chakras or bought the programming on 21 chakras, I can guarantee you that what is going to be talked out in class, in that live event, is going to be other information, other than what on those, in either of those programs.

Kasey:  We’re really excited. I love to do live events myself. You do get a whole another level of Julius in a live situation on stage and so for those of you who have been asking and asking and asking us, when are we going to do a live even, when are we going to do a live event. We’re doing one so please come and see. Also we’re going to be offering live readings with me for Julius. But you’re going to have to schedule ahead of time for that. Again, Jaesi is going to be putting that up on the website. We’re going to offer special pricing for readings at that Expo.

Brad: The reading will be filmed.

Kasey: Yes, Brad is going to film it for you too.

Brad: The reading will be filmed and you will get a disk.

Kasey: So if you’ve been waiting for a reading with Julius and you would love to have one, live and in person or if you have had your readings with Julius and you would love to have one in person, this is going to be an opportunity. Again, we’re going to be booking those ahead of time. We’re going to be booking those for the Sunday evening and probably Monday as well.

Brad: But the reading will come through our programming, the class has to go through New Earth events, which is the New Earth Expo.   

Kasey: Ya, so we’re really excited. So we want to extend a big warm welcome invitation to any of you who are travelling to southern California, April the 3rd, okay.  Mission Valley Resort, newearthexpo.com. Please click on their website and see if that’s something you’re interested in.

Brad: And we are putting together a live event in Zion National Park here in Utah. It’s kind of looking like sometime around the first of October.

Kasey: Ya, that’s going to be a 3-day workshop, enhanced 3-day workshop with Julius. We’re getting the details all lined up. It will take place in Zion National Park. We’re going to be adding possibly a couple of other practitioners to be doing some music and to be doing a kind of a spiritual walk with you. That is going to be something, we’re excited to be putting that together as well so again if you want to make travel arrangements and vacation plans and spend some time with Julius, you kind of set your calendars, we’re looking at possibly the end of September, beginning part of October….

Brad: We’ll see how all of that works itself out.  

Kasey: Ya, 3-day workshop. That’s going to be fun, lots of fun. Very, very intense stuff so we we’re excited this year. We’ve got some live stuff going on and as Brad said, we’ll be doing some live events with Dean as well. So trying to bring you some connectivity with us and more than that, our connectivity with you. We’re  really excited about that.

Brad: We have Cindy Kubica’s show on March 15th.

Kasey: Cindy Kubica is going to have a different package than John. John’s being the

Brad: John’s getting the Shame and Unworthiness package. And we have a brand spanking new total complete with music added meditation package on Cindy Kubica’s show – 21 meditations plus breathing meditations……and then on Elevated Existence on March 22nd, we have that show.

Kasey: Yeah. Basically that’s one of those free discussion types of shows.

Brad: Free interview type show.

Kasey: Yeah, all that information will be up on the website. Mark your calendars for that and we’ve got 2 courses coming up in March.

Brad: 2 classes coming up for March. One is Your Empowerment Explains Everything [Kasey: That’s a 3-part class]. We’re going to teach you how to empower yourself, how to become a powerful being.

Kasey: Well, Julius is talking about how there’s always so many questions out there left in theories and teachings, religious teachings and things and you know, Julius was saying, once you come to the knowing that you are Source, that pretty much answers all the questions that you have. It can provide an explanation for how everything works and why everything works, which is pretty exciting. And so of course they are going to enlighten us with how all of that works and questions perhaps that have gone unanswered for you and they’re going to be showing you what those answers are and how to find those answers. And then we’ve got a 2-part class on how to make time work for you.

Brad: We constantly make the comment – time does not exist but as human beings and how this illusion works, time is very much a part of this illusion so we’re going to teach you how to take time and make it work for you.

Kasey: That’s a tough one. How many of you out there think that time is your enemy, right? Time is your enemy. Julius is going to flip cards on that and instead of us feeling like it’s our enemy, it’s going to learn how to make time our friend and make time work for us, how to of course make the best of your time and finding all those connections and all those needed things, right? So we’ve got a lot of things going on.

Brad: We do [Kasey: March]. Ya, big things coming.

[Kasey thanks all who purchased the package last month and asks listeners to check out the website of Julius. Academy]. Taking into consideration possibly joining that Academy. We have a wonderful Academy group. They are of extraordinary high consciousness and they work to exchange with each other thoughts and ideas. You can go that website and read all about the benefits that you receive when you join that Academy and so please take a look at that Julius.Academy. We’re going to be finishing up the transition for our new website. Hopefully, maybe by the end of March. The new website, of course, right now is expandwithjulius.net, which will be moving into expandwithjulius.com. so we will slide replacing the old website. Right now, you can take a glimpse at both of them.  Both of those are in the works and the new website is one of those hyper advanced, technological platforms that number one, we’re excited to have but a little afraid. Hoping it’s going to transition smoothly. We’re sending out positive energy for all of that and we want all of you to send out positive energy for that for us as well, as we transition and grow and work to bring you more of us and Julius and more and more things. This new website is going to offer the technological advancements for all of the things we want to do.

Brad: Boy, it better.

Kasey: We’ve been working on this for a while, with patience and frustration and enthusiasm and everything.

Brad: The horror stories of the ongoing expandwithjulius website [?????] …… we’re going to be discussing pyramids.

[Kasey does a short meditation]

Brad: We’ve just visited a couple of pyramids that they have found, not found, that they have known about for a long time down in Mexico. Fact of the matter is, they’ve rebuilt those in Mexico half a dozen times. And the ironic part is, the pyramids that exist in the United States of America..no.. the pyramids that exist around the world. Let’s clear the air on so much of this understanding. The 3 pyramids that are probably the most famous, which on the Giza Strip have been rebuilt and Julius, how many times have they been rebuilt?

Julius: About 4 times, actually. About 4 times [Brad: Rebuilt?] Civilization upon civilization, touching the magnificence of what has previously been presented on this Earthship as civilizations came upon these structures and stood in awe of the magnificence of them, they were surely convinced that God himself or Gods of different formats had placed these articles on this Earthship to represent the magnificence of the god. Each king or emperor from those civilizations wanted to deem those structures as theirs, as if they were the empowered gods themselves so that they could control and evoke fear upon all of the people in the civilization. And so they restructured, restructured these magnificent structures that were, in fact, placed on this Earthship originally by beings who no longer reside on this Earthship. They did for a while and they erected the different types of structures but they no longer exist here on this realm. Some would then, therefore, refer to them as the aliens or some type of alien built those structures but we support that although that is a truth from a limited vantage point, we would say all of you are the aliens that have previously visited this realm and continue to visit other realms as you take your soul and you insert that into different forms of costumes and representations of your own states of consciousness. We support that all of those beings are you in variables of your own self but we also understand that most of you see them as separate from yourselves. So whichever perception you have holds a type of truth but the pyramid type of structures that stand on this Earthship today have been layered at least 4 different times upon each other to re-represent strength, power and magnetism. And originally those 3 Giza pyramids, actually there were more than 3 originally, formed a belt of a star pattern formatting system.

Brad: For a star cluster system

Julius: For different beings to come to this earthship.

Brad: Which got eliminated by other beings.  Now the pyramids that are in Giza..

Julius: They are 3 of 7 that were there originally.

Brad: 3 of 7 but they also run into the earth’s surface..

Julius: Yes, there is an interior inversion..

Brad: There’s an interior inversion that is triangular shaped also, in the shape of the pyramid, inside.

Julius: That’s correct.

Brad: They just don’t want anybody to know about it. Scientists being able to do seismic studies and sonar studies on them but they can’t quite figure out what’s going on.

Julius: Well, now there’s been laws implemented so that digging has to stop and things like that. Quite frankly, that is to protect.. Let’s say this, they don’t want to reveal all of the truth because that would take away from their history and their significance of their history.

Brad: Right. You have to understand that there is a huge amount of power that is related to the pyramids in Egypt.

Julius: We want to say this, most, most structures, symbolic structures of significance, which are these massive structures across your Earthship that are very challenging to explain have a mirror casting effect to them. Meaning most everything that is on the surface is repeated just underneath the surface.

Brad: So you’ve got Easter Island heads, you’ve got the …..Stonehenge.

Julius: All of the symbolistic, massive in size structures were placed upon this earth by beings, by beings that were very large at that time. A lot of them symbolized replications, forms of replications of those beings that walked on this realm and most of them sit on vortextual alignment locations on this realm as well. Very, very powerful energetic places for inverting yourself into the inside of this earthship and/or transcending your physical embodiment into other dimensions and other galaxies. We want to call them energetic wormholes if you will or stargates.

Brad: The ironic part is there are other places that are still yet to be found here on this earth. And when science or a discovery team actually locates..

Julius: There’s a lot of them under your water, a lot of them.

Brad: Under the water, under the ice belts, the snow belts that cover the different areas of the earth.

Julius: Most of them, most of them are there. There’s actually very little on the top surface.

Brad: Very little on the surface. But what happens is when something is located, it then has to go to the government before it can be brought out to the people.

Julius: Well, what we want to say [Brad: to get permission], it’s not just that but there has to be so much testing, scientific testing for proof and facts. And unfortunately, most of that goes away when it’s covered with water, when it’s covered with water. And so most of the things that have even been seen or discovered underneath the water are not being brought forth because they have a very challenging issue with scientific study and proof of age and where it came from when it’s been sitting under water for so long. But the truth is that this earthship has many, many layers to it. It has layers upon layers upon layers of civilizations that have walked on this earhtship that have been covered up with water, that have been covered up through the shifting of the plates of this earthship that cover itself up. You have a wonderful marvellous playground of imaginative magnificence, of differentiation on this earthship from life that has existed on this earthship. And there are parts across the world that really honor that and proudly display some of that and then some other parts of the world that don’t take it so important so they don’t.

Brad: So Julius, who then are the Acturians and the Pleadians and what were they actually like? Were they more evolved than humans?

Julius: Well, we can tell you that the Pleadians were and are, are because they still exist, they are a version of you, of course. They are a more beautiful, more refined version of you, they are larger than you, they are golden in their light essence around them. Most of them are very fair colored with very fair colored hair and fair colored eyes. They are very beautiful, most of you would consider them to be very beautiful. They have almost this type of look of the Norwegians or this Artic type of people here on this realm. They are very peaceful, they are very high in consciousness, they sit right around the 5th seal of consciousness, which is very high compared to most of you and yes, they did walk on this realm. They were among those who came and intermingled with you and mixed some of their DNA with you as were the Acturians as were so many others, so many others. The Acturians were a little bit darker in the way that they looked. Their eyes were more almond-shaped, a little more oval-shaped. They were the artisans, they helped to show you art and paint and imaginative flow for colorations and tonalities and depths. They were part of the soul groups that came up with colorations for this realm, that came up with 3 primary colors that most everything configured on this realm in the coloration scheme is a throw off of off. The Pleadians brought you mathematical formation and astrology, showed you mapping systems for astrology and music, also for music and [??]. Approximately 4,50,000 years ago, they walked on this realm. They beat you to it, so to speak, what we could say is you created those life formations to walk on this realm first, both of those were much larger than you are now, much larger, we would say 15 to 20 feet in height, okay. And then they went away and as you re-inserted yourself here in a humanoid type of form, they showed up about 4,50,000 years, it was also a part of their intermingling with you as well. So they are a part of your DNA structure, if you were to go back and be able to trace that. They still exist in a formation, they live in different galaxies and different realms. They are part of some of the visitors that come back to this realm and visit, okay but they have changed their configurations just a little bit.

Brad: I guess one of the questions that would come to my mind is: Why are human beings so fixed on that information?

Julius: Well, they want to get more access to the refinement process so they believe, you know, that the Pleadians and the Acturians and the Anterions and all kinds of beings have different states of consciousness that people, humans can tap into which is a truth because you are all God.  You are all Source, okay? You continue to see yourselves as separate and look at other beings as forms of being better than you.

Brad: Yes, why is it once again that human beings are always looking for somebody else to provide them information when all they have to do is go inside themselves?

Julius: Because its challenging, it’s a very challenging task to go within. People don’t know what to look for when they go within. When they’re forced to go within, most human beings don’t think there’s anything in there. It’s blank, it’s hollow. They can’t hear things, they can’t see things, okay, they can’t feel things. How many humans, when you speak to about doing meditation will say ‘it doesn’t do anything for me, nothing happens when I meditate, I can’t focus, I can’t bring my mind to that place of connection”.  And so they look for that help from other beings to find some form of connection to their own magnificence. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The limitation comes when you look at any other species as either greater than you or less than you. Then you are not in alignment with knowing that you yourself are Source. What you should be doing is looking at all other species as an extension of you, as a wonderful echoing conscious effect of you and not feel anything as separate but as One.

Brad: What about Sirius and Sirians?

Julius: Same thing, they’re just different types of beings. They have all walked on this earthship. There are countless, countless number of  beings who have walked on this earthship with imprint their thought process in the creative process of this earthship, not just humanoids. You all think that you belong to this earthship but you don’t. You are very late in the program of showing up and a multitude of different beings that have visited this realm, utilized this realm, contributed to this realm is innumerous, is innumerous. The biggest question comes is ‘Did they exist at a time along with the humanoids? That’s usually the most curious question. And we will say “yes, yes”. When you first came and you came in a humanoid form, there were other beings here as well, playing on the realm. Did you intermingle with each other? Yes, you did. Do you have a trace element in your DNA strand of foreign, what would be considered foreign or alien matter? Yes, because your science is fixed on the humanoid DNA strand and so anything that falls outside of the parameters of what they believe entails in that description could be considered alien, could be considered from another realm and it’s a truth. But, but that’s the version of separateness point of view. Instead of all of you realizing that you have reincarnated yourselves so many times, not just as humanoid forms. You have been other beings, you are other beings. You are. Again, we encourage all of you to step away from the separateness of these descriptions and these existences into a collective knowing that you are all part of it and you have all been inner-exchangeable with each other.  Have some of the Pleadians that exist now been humanoid? Yes. What if we tell you that some of the humans who have ascended off of this realm…let us rephrase that, some of the souls that have ascended off of this realm that came out of the humanoid body now insert themselves into some other form of physical existence that could be categorized as one of these types of beings. But they are all souls of Source. Okay? You are only thinking of costume differentiation.

Brad: Right, and that includes the group that working inside the center of the earth at the same time.

Julius: Right. Right.

Brad: Or as some people refer to them as the golden-robed group.

Julius: That’s because some of them are Pleidians.

Brad: They are Pleidians.

Julius: And the Anterions are in there also.

Brad: Right. Don’t get so fixated thinking that these beings are separate from you.

Julius: Or better.

Brad: Or better. That’s a very human..

Julius: Right. It’s the illusion of the human perception.  

Brad: That’s judgment, folks.

Julius: Right. It’s the competitive nature of you..

Brad: It’s competition. It’s all of that. And that’s part of the reason they don’t like to come back and visit us because we’ve become so damn bull-headed about everything.

Julius: Yes, so limited in your thought process.
Brad: So limited in our thoughts.