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Pierce. The Veils of Forgetfulness

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Are We Isolated Blobs of Energy? We began by thinking in a vague way that beings existing outside a physical plane such as earth are multidimensional. The very fact that they...

Wake Up! And Accept All Thought

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Julius explains how to be open-minded and what that can do for all the dimensions of you. Share your thoughts and experiences below. Also, see this new course that expands...

LA Conscious Life Expo 2018 — R-Factoring Keynote

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Kasey and Brad talk about the new, cutting edge healing program called R-Factoring at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo. Learn more about R-Factoring >

Create. Continuous, Flowing Love-Based Abundance

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Countdown Welcome to the access for our Free Show. Be here on February 28th, 2018 at 6 pm MT for an hour with Kasey, Brad and Julius. Submit your questions...