Valuable information for listeners of Tammy Mastroberte’s Elevated Existence Summit.

“We are here to aid you to the best of our ability to master your conscious journey, both through the physical and through light.” ~ Julius

Though there is a huge amount of information available on chakras, to many of us they still remain a rather mystifying component of our being.

Are they important or can we just ignore them and get on with our lives? What could they possibly be contributing to our life here on earth?

Julius provides groundbreaking teachings that give such fascinating insights and understanding of these vortices of energy in our body that we can use this information:

  • To achieve sustained healing of disease and discomfort.
  • To turbo-charge our manifestation.
  • To dissolve subconscious patterns of limiting thoughts that drive us and manifest the very things that we do not want in our lives.
  • To finally move into inner freedom, fulfilment in life and the joy of being.

The information that is currently available on chakras is incomplete. This is why the clearing of the 7 known chakras does not bring the expected or lasting results. Julius tells us how and why the information on the other 14 primary and equally important chakras was lost in times gone by.

This teaching is being brought forward to furnish absolutely vital information that is necessary for vibrant health as well as mental and emotional well-being.

It will fill in all the missing links in information and take you to another level of life and living.

It is the key that will unlock many doors, provide many extraordinary and profound truths.

Knowledge is empowerment. Use this knowledge to implement far-reaching, amazing and joyous changes in your life.

This comprehensive teaching will help and has helped practitioners achieve amazing results in their practice. It has led to profound changes in all those who have sought to raise their consciousness and frequency.

Take this vital step towards knowing yourself as the magnificent being that you really are and you will have given yourself a gift that will pay rich dividends.

As you heal and become the light, you become a healing presence to all others around you!

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