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Clearing Addictive And Compulsive Behavior

By January 12, 2016 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

compulsiveEmotions Are Emotions…

As you ascend yourself through the Seals Of Consciousness on your conscious journey, here on this realm, many of you are entangled in the judgment of fear versus love…

…because when we say those words, fear sounds bad and love sounds good. Is that not true?

Not Judging Your Emotions…

When you are working towards your love-based creative thoughts, and leaving your fear-based perspective behind in the lower seals of consciousness, most of you have a very, very difficult challenge in meeting that suggestion, because you still get angry and you still get stressed.

When emotions are judged, blocked, or not allowed, they lead to addictive and compulsive behaviors.

We help you clear these resistant behaviors in our class, Feeling Your Emotions Safely.

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