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Pierce. The Veils of Forgetfulness

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Are We Isolated Blobs of Energy?

We began by thinking in a vague way that beings existing outside a physical plane such as earth are multidimensional. The very fact that they existed beyond the physical made them somewhat superior, more mysterious, with unknown depths, qualities and powers. Then many came forward and said we were multidimensional too, throwing us into even more confusion about what that might mean in our case.

“We want you to begin to understand how multi-faceted you are as a being.” ~ Julius

Julius tells us that we are expanding in every moment. Even when we feel we are stagnating and there’s a snail’s pace to our progress, we are expanding. But are we aware of how much we are expanding because of other levels of expansion and inspiration that we haven’t given a thought to?  Simply because we may have perceived ourselves to be isolated blobs of energy? How much more joy and expansion can there be if we know more about all that is going on? The answer is – immense!

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There is no ending…

It all boils down to the truth that everything is energy and all is connected. There are no blobs of energy or existences separate from each other. In the endless continuation of energy that has no beginning and no end, where and what are we? Our brains may have some difficulty with grasping the vastness of this truth but our innate urge to know more, discover more about ourselves is what makes our journey fascinating and rewarding. Making it easier for us is the high wisdom and guidance provided by Julius, who make these complex realities simpler and easier to absorb.

Are we forms of energy existing across dimensions and planes? What are they? Where, when, how do we exist as such? Then we’re told we exist at multiple levels of consciousness. How do they relate to each other? What are the broader aspects of being light that we have not grasped? Just these thoughts are enough to increase our desire to know more and be more. Through experience, we have begun to understand that the more we raise, expand our consciousness, the more joy, peace and playfulness enters our lives. The journey is its own reward and each moment of Now has its inherent fulfilment.

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Unwrap Your Magical, Miraculous Self

The risk we run at our level of physicality is allowing all these different facets to increase our sense of separateness and linear thinking, rather than merge it to Oneness. That is where Julius display their highly skilful and wise guidance in giving us information that we can digest and use to move us along in the understanding of our grand, infinite being. To not know is to be limited. To know is to be blessed with possibilities turning into probabilities as we expand and grow our consciousness.

Augmenting our knowing of our multi-faceted being are out-of- body experiences, hypnotic states and transcendental states. We use these to reach across the veils to uncover more of our hidden secrets – the secrets that lie within our being. Do we reach out with eagerness and a joyful sense of discovery to unwrap what can only be magical and miraculous?

It is only when we learn more about ourselves that we can consciously expand in that direction. As Julius says, we first light up our path with the torch of information and desire and then we start moving down that path.

Create. Continuous, Flowing Love-Based Abundance

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