August Free Show

Welcome to the August Free Show Replay

Thank you to everyone who participated! Check out our Recommendations of The Month below.

Recommendations of The Month

These are courses that are intuitively chosen as helpful teachings to people in this moment of Now. In each course, the Q&A session is included – an integral part of the course that expands the teaching to the next level of understanding.

Advanced Crystal Applications

This teaching was given in response to the enormous and continuing interest in crystals after the Crystals and Vortices class.

You will receive an amazing and absolutely unique collection of techniques, processes, visualisations and applications that are equally valuable for beginners, those interested in healing themselves as well as practitioners.

The wealth of information includes:

  • An extremely beneficial grounding application to help with emotions.
  • About the temperatures and vibrations of crystals and vortices.
  • How to align with your vibration.
  • Applications for healing and raising your consciousness.
  • The powerful use of crystals while you sleep.
  • The phenomenal practice of the labyrinth for adults and children.
  • Placement of crystals outdoors.
  • Many other varied uses of crystals.
  • Crystal calibration.


Breaking The Codes of Limitation

Letting go of our limitations is one of Julius’ most powerful teachings. This is the most important guidance for almost all human beings, as they seek to move past limitations and into realizing their amazing potential. Its aha moments provide great insight and impetus on the conscious journey and lead to a far more elevated level of existence.

Julius addresses encodements we have placed on ourselves over and over again from lifetime to lifetime, building limited acceptances and suffering.

Do these repetitive experiences encode us with preconceived notions that we become bound to?

How do we know? How do we change? How do we expand and heal?

Are humans simply stuck in this physical experience until someone or something comes along to break the chains?

This teaching is about the surefire way to resolve what has held us down and get back to the full throttle momentum that our Soul has the potential for…

$89.00  $79.00