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About Your Auric Field: Julius Has More Specific Information.

By December 22, 2015 December 21st, 2017 No Comments

the-7-frequency-bands-and-your-auric-field-2016It’s Time For Julius To Give You More Information.

In other teachings, you are often told that Your Auric Field is the color that you have around you.

But what is that color made up of?

You are told in other teachings, that the coloration of your Your Auric field defines your personality traits.

Julius has more specific information…

Your Auric Field, or Your Energy Frequency Field, is what attracts things into your life!

Our NEW December class, The 7 Frequency Bands And Your Auric Field. 2016 Version, will teach you how Your Auric Field plays a critical part in attraction and creating your reality.

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