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About Feeling Anger Or Sadness Without Discomfort.

By January 16, 2016 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

mask-anger-emotionIs It Okay To Feel Anger Or Sadness On Your Conscious Journey?

Do we allow our emotions to come through and not bury or stifle them, but honor and experience them?

Julius asks you to allow the experience of emotions…

…But how can you experience them without causing turbulence in yourself, your relationships or your interactions with others?

love-emotionsWhen you stop judging certain emotions as bad, unacceptable or wrong, you are well on your way to resolution in this aspect of your being.

Take The Next Step Of Safely Feeling Your Emotions…

Our powerful class, Feeling Your Emotions Safely, brings enormous relief and freedom in the fascinating world of emotions.

You learn how to align with your soul – the buoyant, joyful, creative you that you have forgotten exists within you.

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