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Aaron Michael Pyne leads you through Sacred Magical Journeys using ancient tools of transformation and healing.

Aaron Pyne – Ceremony, Magic and Meditation

Aaron Michael Pyne is a published writer & artist, public speaker, energy healer, meditation teacher, spiritual guide and nature enthusiast. His work has appeared on TedX, The Journey Magazine, Conscious Content TV, and many other media and publication platforms. At the age of 17, Aaron was blessed with several multi-dimensional experiences that began his spiritual journey of awakening. For the last 20 years, Aaron has studied under many masters to refine his unique gifts, cultivate his spiritual energy, and broaden his ability to commune with higher realms of consciousness. His studies include spirituality, human energy systems, multi-dimensional access, clairvoyance development, shamanic practices, and mystical systems. 

Today, Aaron is dedicated to supporting and guiding individuals to heal, transform, and expand through channeled transmissions and activations. This gift is performed in a variety of ways that include, and not limited to, meditations, readings, wound clearings, energy & reiki healing, grid work, ancestral reconciliation, and so much more. In addition to working with individuals, Aaron facilitates healing circles, free-form dance, Mead ceremonies, consciousness-raising events, and group trainings to guide students into masters of their own multi-dimensional journey. Through his gifts and magic, Aaron has helped people all over the world to create lives that transcend their limits.

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