Snow Canyon State Park

It’s yours. Mastery over manifestation!

To be the masterful archer in the skill of manifestation, you need to learn how to accurately aim, shoot and have delivered your manifested desires. This retreat unveils to you the key elements of aiming, shooting your arrows of manifestation and knowing that they have hit their target.

The scope of this retreat is vast, deep and profound – it clears all doubts, resistances and obstacles that prevent you from having what you want. And it seats within you reawakened capabilities, conducive states of being and high frequency energy. There are sacred energy initiations by Julius, the invoking and exchanging of high vibrations with energy fields around you as well as practical guidance for retaining this momentum in your day-to-day life. In short, this retreat releases unbound creative powers within you to shape your life as you desire.

Be the powerful bow. Launch the arrows of manifestation. Hit dead centre every time!

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The phenomenon that is Julius!

Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual leaders





If you have been looking for the answers to so many questions in your life, seeking a modern-day oracle to clear your doubts and confusion with the resonating ring of truth, love and equality, you will find it here. This space has, is and always will be dedicated to your self-empowerment.

Spiritual Leaders

Just as fire tempers steel, so have Kasey and Brad walked through extremely testing times that uprooted them from the familiar and thrust them into the world of the awakened consciousness. Kasey, an internationally renowned medium and Brad, spiritual teacher and director of Ghosts of the Caribbean, are a husband-wife team that are committed to making the teachings of Julius available to the world so that all may benefit. This commitment is part of a timeless agreement between Kasey, Brad and Julius - to share the high wisdom of Julius that comes in response to the call of many for guidance and relief. But first Kasey and Brad went through a trial by fire when Brad experienced great physical and mental debilitation after his severe brain injury as well as financial and emotional devastation. Their recovery from such challenges through the support and guidance given by Julius is the stuff of legends. These experiences vastly expanded their empathy, compassion and the desire to help – it is this that reaches out to you today.

Manifestation. Everyone wants to master their ability to create everything they want. Health, wealth, love, vitality...
These are the common desires of humans and at the same time, the most elusive.

Spend 3 days in deep discovery of your mental and spiritual blocks that are preventing your clear abilities.

This retreat is designed around every aspect of the human and soul experiences wrapped around manifestation.

We will clear blocks, create new visions, and prevent future obstacles from taking hold. We will cover mental focus, spiritual planes, and physical calming.

We will hit manifestation from the mind, body and soul triad in order to manifest your mind's desires. Body's desires. Soul's desires.

-Kasey Wallis, Medium for Julius

Powerful applications

Julius concedes that the distractions of the world and the altered ego mind can be overwhelming. With that in mind, they initiate participants into unique, potent, invaluable practices and applications that not only keep them centred amidst distraction but propel their manifestation process into a dream run of prosperity.


Julius is a collective of high light beings who ascended off this earth some 1500 years ago and are here again to share their wisdom in gaining mastery over this physical realm. They come to free us from our fears, pain and distress. With infinite patience, compassion and love, Julius takes you to your knowing as a magnificent light being. The retreat is an intense personalised experience of what it is like to be given direct guidance and teachings by Julius. Their energy is high, palpable and transforming. The seating of self-empowered awareness within you, which is the fountain of highly amplified manifesting abilities, occurs smoothly and naturally.

Outdoor Experience

Be. Invincible!

Spiritual Leaders

Snow Canyon State Park


Kayenta Labyrinth

This earth has its pockets of high frequency energy that greatly aid man in its journey back to itself as Source. One such energy vortex exists in Snow Canyon State Park. The outdoor experience in such high-energy zones is a fundamental part of any Julius retreat to elevate and sustain the extraordinary transformations within you.

Snow Canyon State Park

As Julius leads you on the Petrified Dunes trail and you exchange energy with the elements, the earth, the massive rock formations, be prepared for a profound experience that will not be easily duplicated. Intense, sacred, purifying is this walk into oneness and all else that Julius guides you to.

Julius Retreat 2016 - Saint George, Utah

Kayenta Labyrinth

More than 1800 indigenous rocks have been used to form the Desert Rose Labyrinth. It is patterned after the classic eleven-circuit path of the famous 12th century Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France.

Labyrinth in Kayenta, Utah

The labyrinth represents the journey to our own centre and back again into the world. It is often used as a meditation tool. Experience inner awakenings, amplified powers and self-recognition as Julius leads you through one of the most powerful symbols of transformation.

Guided Meditations

Listen. Experience. Be.

Guided meditations by Julius initiate you into states of being that seem unreachable. Powerful, exhilarating, pulsating with energy, these processes set in motion deep changes in the subconscious that erase limitations and replace them with expansive knowing that truly reflects your light-being nature. A 30 to a 108 day period is usually recommended by Julius to properly integrate these sought-after transformations in your psyche.

Join us September 22 - 24, 2017

30-Minute Private Reading

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