Keywords: Power of manifestation, positive manifestation 

It has become a cliché that you attract what you feel; but it couldn’t be more accurate. The attraction comes in the form of emotions, motivation, opportunities, and ideas instead of something superficial. What is the power of manifestation? How can something be manifested simply by the energies of our thoughts and emotions? The answer to that is that this holographic world reflects back to us what we are thinking and feeling.

You have everything inside; let’s manifest greatness! 

You may have heard about attracting things. You must have visualized them or written them down, but nothing happened. The reality is that your visualization is only a part of it, you manifest it through the energy you exude into the universe

Most people think that manifestation is just a hoax, simply because they were unable to manifest the perfect house or a healthy body. When it doesn’t happen as they expect, they get frustrated and disappointed, attracting more painful emotions. In their search for a shortcut, they miss the many opportunities and ideas that could have landed them an amazing spouse and a healthier body. 

Positive manifestation can grant you everything you desire like a genie, but you need to be willing to put in the work. Your thoughts and emotions, which is consciousness and energy, shape your reality. 

The manifestation concept is as old as time and is known by many names such as karma, mental science, positive thinking, divine science, and practical metaphysics. 

The universe is your friend—treat it as such! 

Think of the universe as your friend who’s always in your corner, supporting you through everything. Wake up every morning and meditate for just a few minutes so that your connection gets stronger. The universe is filled with energy and is alive; it can do incredible things for you if you let it. Once you let it in, you can feel the energy, identify the signs, and manifest anything you want. 

What does it mean to ‘manifest’ your dreams? 

Creating something using your thoughts and emotions is the underlying concept of the power of manifestation. Sounds like magic, right? It may seem like that, but it all comes down to understanding how your ideas and thoughts influence you and the world around you. When you value and honestly believe in something, it changes your perception of the world, others and affects how open you are to the incoming possibilities and opportunities the universe has to offer.

The world can feel your vibes and energy and responds in the same way. You may have noticed when you desire something, you start seeing it everywhere. This is the world signaling you and giving you signs to help you find what you are looking for, whether it’s a new car or the new dress you have been eyeing. 

How does manifestation work?

There are three levels to manifestation: the spiritual, the psychological, and the physical. 

The spiritual level believes that thoughts have their own distinct energy, which attracts what you think. However, the emotions you attach to the thoughts can sabotage or create what you desire, depending on whether they are fear-based or love-based. For you to harness your own powerful ability to manifest, make sure you are in a high-frequency state of love, joy, enthusiasm or excitement without the underlying energy of want or fear and worry. Then go into the next four steps:

  • Be aware of what you choose to have in your life.
  • Ask for it.
  • Believe that you are about to get the object of desire.
  • Be open to receiving it.

The psychological level holds the concept of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ to be the force behind the power of manifestation. If you can dream it, you most assuredly can achieve it, but if you believe that your dreams are unattainable, you face obstacles and become hopeless. 

The physical level offers a scientific explanation for manifestation. Human thought is a biochemical process where neurons are transferred in the brain through different synapses. This creates a tiny electrical current that is measurable. This electrical current carries content and not just meaningless static. 

With meditation and positive manifestation brought about by focused thought intention, people can choose their thoughts and related emotions, and thus, their brain waves’ biochemical energy. This allows them to manifest their desires and achieve success through that meaningful connection with the universe, which reflects or draws to them what they are seeking to manifest.