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Meditation is on the rise in recent years, and several people confirm its benefits for depression, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and other conditions. It’s apparent that meditate healing helps people cope up, but it has been known to cure specific ailments.


There are marvelously designed mechanisms in our body that function through self-healing abilities. Such mechanisms are equipped to keep us in tip-top shape on all fronts:
fixing DNA
● killing harmful germs
● warding off infection
● eliminating toxins
● keeping cancer cells at bay
● and just keeping our bodies in optimal functionality from top to bottom

Just like everything else, things do go haywire from time to time, and when that happens, the body is open to all external and internal threats. But what derails this self-healing mechanism? The answer is the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which regulates the ‘fight or flight reflex’ and should be in a balanced form so that your body’s self-healing abilities keep functioning correctly.

Even though our caveman responses that put us on the alert mode in case of a lion attack have been out of commission for centuries and replaced by modern-day lions, they are triggered by financial issues, relationship crises, and professional conflicts. To the modern-day brain, these stressors are no less than lions. These triggers terrify the amygdala, which shifts into overdrive and initiates a response in the form of stress chemicals which hinder the body’s natural self-healing capacities.

What to do then?

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution to keep this from happening, a little something known as meditate healing. It has been scientifically proven to deactivate the stressful brain reactors and keep the body soothed with magic elixirs.

Meditation for Healing: Rebuild and Enhance Your Mind-Body Coordination

Although going to a meditation retreat sounds wonderful, it is often impossible for most people to take a reprieve from their hectic routines. In the last few decades, science has developed new perspectives to study the body. What was once thought of as a simple biological machine is now known to work in mysterious ways. It is now referred to as a complex array of information and flowing energy.

Even while you’re reading this, your body is rearranging itself with respect to its surroundings and the new information it is gathering. We can bet that your body has already changed in many ways since you started reading a few minutes ago.

Contrary to outdated beliefs, the human body is thought actualized. It is our thoughts and the way we feel about them – our emotions – that either rejuvenate or cause illness in the body, depending on whether they are fear-based or love-based. For example, a broken heart with feelings of sadness, rejection or abandonment can cause one’s chest to feel heavy through the many distressed molecules and damaged cells. Similarly, in peak moments of joy, our body releases chemicals that are hugely beneficial and healing. This is why the consistent love-based energy frequency created by smiles, laughter and happiness are invaluable for vibrant health.

Meditation and Self-Awareness

The body’s endless potential can be garnered through self-awareness, which in turn can be achieved via meditation. Here’s how!

Lower levels of self-awareness restrict the natural flow of your physical and mental body. Meditation helps you expand your awareness to the maximum level by opening channels of free-flowing energy. You create a balance between the mental and emotional planes. There’s a shift in perspective, and you start seeing the limitless potential in the world. The whole process provides mental clarity and enables you to believe in your capacity for creating your dream life.

If possible, take yourself on a mini-vacation and your soul on a meditation retreat. Under proper guidance, you can understand your inner circuitry while going deep within your mind. Meditation is the only tool that offers you the opportunity to enter levels of mind that seemed impossible to access before.

All you have to do is start with a few minutes of meditate healing every day and build up to higher levels of self-healing. There’s no one else that can do for you what you can’t do for yourself. Align your worldly goals with your spiritual goals and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.