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Everything in the ginormous universe is vibrating at a frequency and emitting energy from the tallest building or mountain to the tiniest blade of grass to each and every cell in our body. Sound healing therapy is based on the concept that everything in the universe is vibrating at a unique frequency. Human bodies are rhythmic and harmonic, making sound healing a very effective therapy for human beings. 

What are chakras? 

All cells within the body vibrate at different frequencies, depending on their role in the body. It’s apparent that the specialized nature of our body’s energy offers key points on the body through which energy flows in and out continuously. These points are called chakras. 

There are twentyone major chakras in our body, the seven down the middle have their own designated organs and systems. These crosspoints of energy hold fear-based emotions that have not been processed in a healing manner. Therefore, the cleansing of chakras is an important aspect of healing. No chakra is superior to any other when talking about balancing and chakra energy healing. Ideally, all twentyone chakras should be healed, balanced, and open so that energy flows to and from your body with no resistance. 

How does Sound healing therapy work? 

It may be considered some new-age wellness, but sound therapy is far from new. In fact, it’s as old as time. The ancient Greeks used music as a cure for mental disorders. Sound, in its purest form, has been used throughout the ages to enhance productivity, boost confidence, and influence morale. Sound healing therapy is a very effective tool in breaking up fear particles. Humans have a natural inclination towards sound. This is why just thinking about your favorite song lifts your spirits, and you have a different playlist you refer to when you’re sad. 

In the digital age, sound therapy has taken many different forms. Thanks to their healing powers, music and voice will always remain important components of healing for mankind. The use of standard instruments such as tuning forks, gongs and singing bowls are quite common since they can work efficiently to achieve chakra energy healing

Sound therapy is the use of sound vibrations to put your mind and body into a relaxed state. Sound has the potency to shift frequencies from lower forms of energy like fear and guilt to higher vibrations of joy and love. It uses sacred instruments to eliminate energy blockages by inducing a state of ease, harmony, and euphoria. Despite there being many types of sound therapy, all of them release vibrations that alter your brain waves. 

Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing therapy is known for the following attributes:

  • realigns and harmonizes the imbalance created by trauma on the mental, physical, or spiritual plane
  • acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Offers profound relaxation for pain relief of muscles, bones and joints
  • Aids digestion
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Restores natural biorhythms 
  • Enhances the homeostasis in the body. 

It is also known to treat many medical conditions like depression, PTSD, autism, and dementia. 

The use of Tuning Forks

Even though they are used to tune other instruments, they hold special chakra energy healing powers of their own. Calibrated tuning forks are held to certain parts of the body to send vibrations that open blocked energy channels and release tension. This type of sound healing is recommended for pain relief and emotional balance. 

The use of Gongs 

Being used since 4000 B.C., gongs are an ancient form of sound healing currently used in gong baths. In this meditation style, a facilitator uses various patterns and tones with the gongs to produce vibrations that improve mind-body connections. The gong offers strong vibrations and lush sounds due to its size and structure. You can reach a relaxed meditative state with the help of its sound in as quickly as 60 seconds. This therapy is best for emotional blocks, eliminating fears, and improving mental clarity. 

The many different types of sound healing therapy offer specific benefits that can improve your overall quality of life, energy levels, and performance at work. Think about what you want to gain with sound therapy to choose a method that best suits you. The two mentioned above are popular, but there are many others that can prove to be a lot more beneficial for your chakra energy healing