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Your current reality is created by your own manifestation, including all the circumstances, possibilities and things that you might call coincidences. Even with trivial knowledge of manifestation, you must have observed some strange ‘intuition’ telling you to go for that new job, buy that dress or start learning something new. Similarly, when you wish to know how to manifest, you are seeking to rediscover your inborn ability to manifest consciously. It is this quest that has led you here! It may seem daunting, especially when everyone is either talking about it or pursuing it. But if we get down to basics and remove ourselves from its grandiose vision, then manifestation is relatively simple.

It is simple because one of the greatest truths about it is that we are manifesting all the time through the power of our thoughts and emotions. That’s great news! It is not something new we are learning. Therefore, it is easier to get onto the track of conscious manifesting. The mastery comes through consciously choosing love-based thoughts and emotions to create whatever you want.

When we are unable to manifest the things we want, we are mostly manifesting the lack through the unconscious chatter of our fear-based thoughts that then get propelled into realities through the rocket-fuel of the attached fear-based emotions.

How do you actually manifest something?

Many ask themselves, “Does meditation lead to enlightenment?” Meditation can be a tool that is a tremendous support on the conscious journey, but it is the powerful intention and inner work that gets you there. That intention is an amazing signal to the universe to send you all help to achieve your desire. When you accept that you can achieve enlightenment, you will!

So you say you’re ready to manifest consciously, but how do you do that, exactly? Well, for things to manifest in reality, you need to take the first physical step. Until you take that step, all that is there is a bunch of dreams with nowhere to go. Another question that may plague you, “How do I attract what I want?” You can attract whatever you want by knowing that you can and stepping out of the fear-based frequency created by your thoughts and emotions. Your love-based thoughts and intentions are what will create the frequency that attracts to you what you would love to have in your life. You can attract your perfect relationship, your dream job, a ticket to travel the whole world. Only your expectations will set the limitations. Remember that you have the choice to manifest a fulfilling, happy life.

Learn to manifest your dream life consciously with these 8 steps:

  1. Know who you truly are – a powerful light being
    The most vital step is to get back to the remembrance of your powerful energy and being. Making the choice to discover all that you are is the biggest gift you give yourself. On your journey back to becoming the creative light being again, you keep enhancing your capability to create your life.
  2. Devise an action plan
    You can turbocharge your manifestation in many ways. First, choose what you wish to achieve. Work on changing your thoughts and emotions that are causing the lack and limitation in your life, write your affirmations, read them and feel them as a reality for you. Do this often. Have confidence in your plan and be determined to achieve it. When you take action with the assurance that what you seek has always been there for you, then you know that the subject of your desire is just within your reach.
  3. Take action
    When the plan is finalized, it’s time to take action. And what opportune day is there than today and right now? These actions can help you in commencing your manifestation:
    *Write short and long term goals
    *Stay physically active
    *Set your intention for the day in accordance with your desires
    *Be grateful and write in your gratitude journal daily
    These aren’t only some steps to mindfulness, but would actually get you working.
  4. Stay focused on the positive
    Positive or love-based beliefs send out positive vibrations in the universe. Any negative or fear-based emotions such as fear, anxiety, doubt, or resistance that are exhibited through limiting beliefs lower your vibrations. Acknowledge these emotions but pay attention to the positive side of things. When you learn to manifest consciously, both positive and negative things will come your way as a result of your own thoughts. Change patterns of thoughts and emotions that take you in a direction opposite to what you wish for.
  5. Visualize
    Creative visualization is that potent way of seeing yourself being and having all that you choose. Take comfort and solace in the fact that you are absolutely capable of attracting to you all things wonderful and allow the desire for an enjoyable life to take birth within you.
    Use visualization as a means of motivation. Water your visuals of an awesome life with love, faith, and lots of happiness. Know that your visualizations are setting your manifestation into motion and allow that to inspire you to work even harder to bring it into your reality.
  6. Stay grateful and humble
    A tree that is filled with fruit is always bowed down. A big, inflated ego or arrogance will sabotage your manifestation process. Remember to be eternally thankful for all that you have and find gratitude in every success and failure along the way. Don’t forget where you started from and who you once were. Do what you can to help others along your journey through life.
  7. Upgrade your beliefs
    Don’t let your beliefs hold you back. You may have thought you were unworthy or undeserving of all that you would like to have. You may have believed that you were not capable or lovable or good enough. These are false assumptions you have accepted about yourself.
  8. When you manifest consciously, there are no limits to what you can create in your life!
    For most of your life, you have been manifesting without even knowing it. Now is the time to consciously step into your power and have an exciting time discovering yourself, all that can and will be drawn to you and harness all the limitless potential that is yours as a light being.
    Learn to manifest consciously with these eight straightforward principles and witness the magic that surrounds you! Remember that everything you want, can and will manifest!

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