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Am I Losing My Ability to Manifest?

Janet* enjoyed the sense of power she experienced when she manifested what she desired once in a while. She did her meditations, her practices, went into all the techniques wholeheartedly and if sometimes things didn’t show up, she was still content. Till she noticed that in recent times, her ability to manifest more expansive things in her life was faltering. She had always felt that as she continued with her practices and well-defined patterns of how to manifest, she would have a better ‘success rate’ of manifestation. However, that was just not true, there were speed bumps that refused to go away and her sense of satisfaction faded. Disheartened and frustrated, she gave up her practices and meditation time. Nothing seemed worth it and as her doubt and confusion grew, she fell into a state of deep depression.

When We Desire Outside Validation…

To some degree or the other, we have all experienced a bit of what Janet went through. There have been times when we are positive that the Universe has turned away from granting us our desires and all the things that we so assiduously work on manifesting. Have we been wrong in accepting certain theories as truths, especially the one that said we were Source? Were the others right when they emphatically pronounced that we were not the creators of our lives, that an outside power was?

“The universe gives you what you know. It validates you all the time. The universe is a validator, it’s a validator.” ~ Julius

Do We Play Puppet to the Altered Ego?

Pushing us into even greater stress is the altered ego that only permits validation of our manifesting abilities according to previous experience. If something hasn’t shown up the way we expect it to or the way we think such things manifest normally, things are not working, we as Source are not
working. We are mesmerized by Ms./Mr. Altered Ego’s interpretation of success and failure. And why would we not be? It all seems so reasonable and logical. That’s the mastery of the altered ego, its ability to hide vital truths behind the illusion of logic and previous.

And that’s when many of us are tempted to throw in the towel. Never mind that we’re thought weird, we go against the societal grain with our thoughts and behaviour and we lose friends left, right and centre. But adding insult to injury is the seeming fact that there is no payoff in this whole spiritual game. No rewards for being brave, no material gains and no satisfaction. Some of us give up and re-join the mainstream of fear. Some of us wait and wonder if there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Be Assured: The Universe Knows You As Source

Julius says there certainly is; it’s just that we don’t know how to decipher the true goings on. The universe always validates us and our powers as Source. We just haven’t learned the ways of it.

Coming up is a powerful, extraordinary, exciting teaching on the innumerable ways the universe answers our call and how we can learn to decipher those ways. This is ground-breaking reiteration that we are Source and we are the powerful creators of our lives and being. The altered ego is advised to take a backseat or join the ranks of empowered beings. These advanced teachings will provide clear guidelines on how to decipher that we are continually manifesting our desires in innumerable ways and how to stay on course.