dawn-evening-heart | Expand with Julius and Xpnsion NetworkDo You Ever Question Where Your Inspiration Comes From?

When Cathy*, a medical student, would think of what line of medicine she would like to specialize in, she was for some inexplicable reason drawn to working in the field of spinal injuries or she got the strong urge to be a part of a disaster relief team. It was years later, when she managed to combine both in an interesting and rewarding career that she first got an inkling as to why she was drawn to these two fields. As she was sitting one day in her special space where she liked to spend some me-time alone, she asked herself why she had the urge to be a part of a disaster response team. Almost immediately, she saw a woman sitting alone amidst the ruins of her home that had also killed her few family members. Some months went by and she asked herself – why spinal injuries? This time she saw a Scottish warrior lying on a bed, water seeping down the stone walls. He was paralyzed from neck down after a blow to his head and he never got up again.

art-ball-blur | Expand with Julius and Xpnsion NetworkCreating Through the Hologram

That was Cathy getting glimpses of concurrent lives and experiences in this hologram called Earth. And it’s what all of us are doing. This fascinating truth was brilliantly depicted in the Star Trek series through the concept of a holodeck where crew members could go have any experience they wanted by way of a vacation or experience any other type of creative activity.

…..because the hologram can be programmed to anything that you want to set up for yourself for an experience.~ Julius”

We’ve been told time and again that this world is an illusion, a hologram in which we gain experience and expansion as light beings.

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…….” ~ Shakespeare

In his time, Shakespeare may not have reached many in his audience with these words but to those of us on a conscious journey, they form an integral part to understanding the hologram in which we play our parts. The profound truth of this perspective brings great wisdom into our lives.

Such a realization has huge potential to elevate our experience because we get away from thinking of how tiresome it is to hold a 9 to 5 job, how the co-worker belongs to outer space, how there just has to be enough money to get a robot to do the repetitive, never-ending chores. And it’s not just aspects of daily life that are continual triggers of stress, it is experiences, events, relationships, health issues that can seem so limiting. binding and traumatic.

Be Your Own Writer and Director

The question is: On this stage, do we have defined parts and roles to play? How do things work in this particular hologram? How do we get ourselves into this perspective and knowing? Can we be inspired to shoot for more with flexi-hours, flexi-spaces and flexi-chores and above all, take paths and routes that are NOT limiting or binding? How can we play the game well on this playground?

“…shifting into this knowing, broadening your perspective as to all the possibilities that are playing themselves out can bring you great relief but more than that, bring you the expansion viewpoint that you’re really creating for yourself.” ~ Julius

In the 3 part classes – Traversing The Hologram  and Utilizing the Void in the Hologram– Julius gives invaluable guidance and directions on how to get to this knowing, this perspective, how to interconnect with the possibilities of the hologram deck that runs into different dimensions and different realms that are right here on this plane. Julius tells us that this course will be complicated, stimulating, joyous and leave us curious. They tell us to “use this course as part of the tools of being a human being and working your way through your experience here on this earthship.”

* Names changed to protect privacy.