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Weekend with Julius II

Climatize, Calm, Reset, Focus, Create with the Winter Solstice Cycle

December 7 and 8, 2019

The winter Solstice is an incredible opportunity to calm the altered ego mind.

Thru Hibernation we calm the monkey mind and can reason our creative thoughts to focus and display them through our Soul.

Humans are so hurried and rushed that instead of using the calm intention of the season to calibrate and restore we have become over stressed, sick and worried.

Julius will assist us to use the 3 energy ribbons in the rotation of energies to calm our minds and bring deeper focus to our creative thoughts.

Activations and clearings, groundings and alignments will be the order of the weekend.

Letting our fears be released into the energy ribbons. Transcending those fears into higher aspects of love possibilities. Julius will guide these super intense processes for you.

Traumas and limitations will be softened and calmed, as we allow our alignment with the winter energies to be embraced.

“Thank you for an extraordinary weekend. Everything was amazing. While the processes were incredible and astonishing, the time with the tribe was equally loved and makes these events so sacred to me. Thank you for everything.”
“I would highly recommend a weekend with Julius to all who want a short but very powerful, transformative event that will move them more smoothly and assuredly through their life and their issues. Apart from all the phenomenal energy work with Julius, the hospitality and warmth of Kasey and Brad, high-frequency energy of the venue and the participants that gather together for such events is just so much icing on the cake. “
“Weekend with Julius is the place to experience magic and make a move towards change or shift in consciousness bringing joy and happiness. “

Workshop available with or without lodging at
Wind Chimes Farm

Weekend With Julius II Without Lodging
Weekend With Julius II With Lodging
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