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All angry and nowhere to go? Except down that old familiar road with its various yet similar branches of annoyance, irritation, frustration, defiance, aggression or dominance. There is a time when we enjoy it. Really enjoy all its expression and the destruction it causes. Then comes a time when we aren’t comfortable with the aftertaste – it doesn’t make us feel good, we’re sorry for that outburst and we just aggravated a situation we were trying to fix or remedy (because we so know it all). Much later, we finally decide we’re done with the destructive aspect of it and could we please move on? Move on to what?
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“You can have anger without it being harmful or destructive for you or another.”
~ Julius
On the conscious journey, anger is often a component of our being that we struggle with. We think of it as ‘bad’, we’re ashamed of it and we have great judgment about it. Plus, all the people you love and who aren’t on the conscious journey are quick to point out that you shouldn’t be losing your cool that readily if you are on a spiritual path. That just emphasizes what you already believe. Often, some of us will mask our anger, but it’s there within us wreaking havoc within, physically as well as emotionally.
Therein lies the fascinating answer. We’re familiar with the usual expressions of anger, we feel them, we know them inside out, we have doled them out with great gusto and received it in like fashion. Relationships have ended, jobs have been lost, health has experienced a steady decline. We think we know all that we possibly could about anger. The sticky point is really – how do we move out of it? In this experience of duality, is there an upside to anger and how we can express it?
There is so much to know about this prominent emotion in life. These hidden depths will be revealed to us in an incredible three-part teaching soon – Anger And The Conscious Journey. It will provide clear guidance and invaluable information.

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