Living on the Golden Plane

A well-known enlightened master of our time transitioned from a lifetime in the fifth level of consciousness. He went to a golden plane of existence that was in consonance with his state of consciousness, where he existed for a long, long ‘time’ because that existence was so blissful and he really had no desire to go anywhere else. Then came a day when he remembered his wife on the earth plane and wished to be with her again. Back to earth he came as his beloved wife’s grandson. He went on to attain the highest level of consciousness on earth (the 6th level) and spent that lifetime teaching his way, or path, to enlightenment.

This Journey is Exciting!

“Life is pleasurable when you are a fifth seal of consciousness being.” ~ Julius

To achieve the fifth level of consciousness is to be in such a state of bliss that many are content to linger there. So we have been told. Many of us are unclear about the details, the traits and characteristics of the journey through the fifth level of consciousness. To know all this is to be inspired to go further into all that we can be. It is an elevated existence, one that we cannot grasp till we are there. Yet its description can set us afire, can explain so much more of what we are in essence and where we are headed in this journey.

There is Joy in Remembering Who You Are

Julius tells us all levels of consciousness just are, a part of the incredible journey through consciousness on the physical plane. A plane and an illusion in which we initially lose sight of who we are because in terms of energy and love, it is furthest away from that knowing of self. Yet as we work our way through the levels of consciousness, we start recognizing who and what we are. We gradually and tentatively step into that knowing till it becomes stronger and more of a loving force that takes us higher. Till all desire to get somewhere falls away and there is only momentum.

Do You Choose This Now?

What is it like to be a high consciousness being?

What does a light being in human form experience?

How do they perceive everything?

Deeply fascinating and eternally intriguing is this state of perspective. Julius is going to dive deep into this subject and bring it into our awareness to the extent possible in terms of the human language. More than that, they will convey this state through evoking our emotions and remembrance of all that we are!

Join us for this highly revealing and elevated teaching. Access here: