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In living memory, there are just a handful of enlightened masters that we know of. There may have been many more but they didn’t swim into the limelight and face flak for speaking their truth. Their choice and it’s all good. However, that leaves us with very little to go on as far as trying to fathom what an enlightened state of being really is.
What do the enlightened masters think and feel? How do they go about their day on earth? Was Buddha saintly? Was Jesus quiet? When a being reaches that state, do they all become saints with saintly demeanor, soft voice and ever-flowing compassion? Or do they express their truth in individual ways that may be quite non-saintlike? The questions are many and not enough answers to get even a faint glimpse of this whole play of enlightenment.
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It’s easy to think that in this rarefied state of being, they really live in a world of their own. A world in which they might find it difficult to relate to and interact with beings of lower consciousness. Yet they do, with immense compassion and love.
Did Jesus or Buddha or other enlightened beings slip away from the masses from time to time to continue their journey into ever-widening expansiveness, even as they did this through their interactions and guidance of others around them?
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The inner world of an enlightened being in physical form seems to be a most fascinating and quite incomprehensible state of being. It is what all of us here on earth are destined to be at some point in our movement through consciousness. That’s why holding insights into this state could very well act as a lodestar to inspire and remind us of who we really are.
“High consciousness will come to you, it will. It’s inevitable that it will. But the question is do you want to wait or do you want to grab it and create it now?”
~ Julius
Julius is going to give us deep information about the 6 th Level of Consciousness, the enlightened state, in an illuminating two-part course. Get a sense of the inner drumbeat, the magic in playing with the illusion, the abilities to create miracles with just a thought.

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