You Have Genius Lurking In You

We are all geniuses, potentially. Men like Einstein, Tesla and some would say, Elon Musk may have garnered all the attention for their genius, but are we any less in potential? That dratted word again, but really, it’s the difference between those who utilize that potential and those that don’t.

“Genius means that you have captured a thought and despite all reality around you and all proof, you know that it is. And you are driven to demonstrate it.” ~ Julius

So now that we know, we could go around capturing thought and refine our sense of knowing that it is. Sounds good, but most of us probably need to start with baby steps. If you pick up a book that says “Quantum Physics for Dummies”, kudos to you. Far better to understand what going on than understanding just one word in five of abstract scientific jargon that seems designed to make most of us feel inferior.

All Things Are Possible? …

“Do you know that education has nothing to do with genius?” ~ Julius

So, what’s another thing that we can easily aspire to, for starters? The open mind. Geniuses have to have them and we can choose to open our minds more and more each day to be able to access all kinds of thought that give us and our bodies an electrifying zing. It could be as simple as allowing and accepting the thought that in some part of the world humans worship the hare, or that a particular bird lives underwater. All things are possible and therein starts the journey into geniushood.

The Answer: Raise Your Consciousness

“Open mind is your truest state. It is authentic to you.” ~ Julius

There’s another truly amazing by-product of the open mind and allowing, perhaps even actively searching for new, exhilarating thoughts. You raise your consciousness. Leaving the confines of limited, same old, well-used all-over-the-world thoughts is not only a fulfilling adventure but a great impetus to our slow moving frequency bands. These bands not only get that much-needed whirl but new life courses through our bodies. And this bear repeating, our consciousness raises.

The Gift You’ve Sent Yourself – Open It

This is part of what Julius does for us in all the courses, particularly the three-part courses. They introduce us to higher truths that have never occurred to us before, they have us contemplating and absorbing all the Aha moments that come with great frequency and they have us making the continued choice for more. Not only do these courses stimulate and inspire us in multitudes of ways, they also gift us great opportunities for utilizing this knowledge to achieve and receive all that we desire as Source in its eternal quest for experience.

Our upcoming course – Navigating Time Dimensions – is a case in point. The benefits are enormous, the information is priceless and the outcome is yours for the asking.

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