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One would think that having lived with ourselves all life long, we would know ourselves well. But we don’t. One would think by looking at all the crises and messes in our lives that we don’t create them because of course, we wouldn’t create them. But we do. Central to all of this is the perspective we hold or our state of consciousness and therein lies a great misfire if we don’t have the knowledge and the clarity.
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Meg* and Cathy* were great friends since school. Something that amazed people around them because they were so very different. Meg was loud, boisterous, life and soul of the party. Cathy was quiet, content to recede into the background and observe the goings on. As they got on with their lives, married and had children, they remained friends. Yet now Meg clearly considered herself to be well ahead of Cathy in terms of consciousness (third level of consciousness was where she put herself at) and Cathy equally clearly didn’t think she would ever amount to much so she completely disregarded the whole consciousness game that Meg seemed to have embarked on. Yet friends they were because their energy frequency matched. Cathy was definitively in the second level of consciousness, instead of being the lowest of the low as she thought herself to be. And Meg was also definitively the second level of consciousness, though she considered herself to be in the third level.
Each was stuck in a misperception of self that will not allow them to move forward on their journey of consciousness. Being honest with oneself is of prime importance, but so is the need to not negate all that one is. There is a delicate balance and huge understanding of self that is involved. Therefore, each and every step towards that clarity and understanding is vital, perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves.
In our ongoing series on the 7 Levels of Consciousness, Julius gives very clear and detailed characteristics of each phase of consciousness so that we are not be held back by a misfire in our evaluation of self. Through these teachings, we also come to know what is holding us back from progressing further and the inner work required to move smoothly and easily into further expansion. Most of us who have realized that raising our consciousness is the KEY to happiness and fulfilment have been looking for this guidance and roadmap for long without even truly comprehending its immense value. If you are reading this article, chances are high that this is just the information you have been waiting for. The wait is over and the fun begins!
*Names changed to protect privacy

Coming up is the teaching on the Third Level of Consciousness.
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The Third Level of Consciousness

Part 3 of our ongoing series going deeper into the Conscious Awareness state, the third level of consciousness.


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