Your Journey To, and On, the Bridge

Bridge consciousness.

Julius has generated huge interest in this level of consciousness. So great is the interest that it seems there can never be enough information given out.

Many wonder – are we there yet?

Where exactly are we on the bridge?

What will it take to cross this level into a higher consciousness of love?

What Am I Missing Here?

Bill* had been doing inner work for several years. He went to seminars, attended retreats, read shelf-loads of books and sat down for meditation every day. As far as he could make out, he was doing everything right. Yet come holidays and get togethers, and he would get embroiled in the same old arguments with certain family members; the same old emotions would boil up in him despite all his resolutions and his usually unflappable calm. Something didn’t jell in his spiritual practice and he couldn’t quite place his finger on what was missing. He had forgiven infuriating family members, yet they still riled him. He had practised calm, love and compassion for all on earth and the earth itself. Yet that missing component totally eluded him.

The Answer: Raise Your Consciousness
Many are the people who spend years in search of the ultimate answer to raising one’s consciousness. Many want to move away from the troubling, destructive emotions of anger, dislike and guilt. They want to be loving and compassionate, yet know that they cannot fake these qualities. It’s around this time that some of them give up on their desire for a higher state of consciousness. They’ve tried everything, followed all the rules, techniques and rituals and it’s made little difference. There are all those family members and friends who will say with a mixture of astonishment and pity – you’ve been on the spiritual path for so many years, yet you lose your cool so fast!

Leaving Fear and Judgment Behind

The missing link that all search for and very few mention is detailed in the fourth level of consciousness by Julius. It is what resolves all issues of this life on earth. It is marked by the movement from fear into love.

Our upcoming course – Fourth Level of Consciousness – is going to give an in-depth description of this sought after level of consciousness; all its characteristics, how one gets to it, what helps one cross it and what it takes to finally arrive at the threshold of knowing and demonstrating yourself as Source.