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One major stressor in life is time. It is also a huge distraction on the conscious journey, ’til it isn’t. We stress about the fact that we don’t have enough time to do all the things we need to do, should do, must do and we wail about being left with no time at all for the things we wish to do. Then some of us add the extra pressure of procrastination and we are doomed, so to speak.
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Julius tells us that time is changing right now. Many people will perceive that to mean that time is moving into the fifth dimension, but that is not what Julius means. They say that time as a whole in all dimensional spaces is changing. In our context, we are moving into a different time experience in this third dimensional space. But we are not moving into the fifth dimension of time.
“……..time itself evolves and expands and changes, just like consciousness does because it is a state of consciousness.”
~ Julius
Jane* was always in a hurry, figuring out how to fit in everything she really HAD to fit in. Somewhere along the way, her family became less of a priority, but most of all, she paid no attention to herself and how she was thinking or feeling. Everything was more or less on auto-pilot for her till she came down with a mysterious illness that left her in a strange nerveless state in which she couldn’t function normally. She was told to take a break and she did. What followed was a revelation to her and changed her entire perspective of life. Far more importantly, she was introduced to the concept of time dimensions and she started to use this knowledge to turn her life and lifestyle around. Today she radiates robust health and a state of joy that is totally inspiring.
In our upcoming course, Navigating Time Dimensions, you will discover the amazing secret of time dimensions and how to navigate through these dimensions to skillfully use the illusion of time in your life.
Time is changing. Are you?
*Names changed to protect privacy

Coming up is the teaching on the Navigating Time Dimensions.
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Navigating Time Dimensions

In this advanced 3 part course Julius will discuss the difference time intervals and experiences within the reachable dimensions on this realm. Also we will be discussing traveling into these spaces for clarity, enrichment, and focus for our dreams and desires.


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