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Making a decision, especially a life-changing one, can be a stressful and time-consuming exercise. Especially if the other half or three-fourths of dearly loved family don’t support you. The whole ‘unknown’ aspect is thoroughly overwhelming and the last time you took a decision, it turned out to be a big mistake according to you and all the wise ones around you.
In their continuous endeavor to help us, Julius has fortunately given us some pointers to nail this pesky process and make it more seamless.
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  1. The foremost one is to go with your feelings. Any option that gives you a nice tingle, a feeling of ‘Yesssss’, exhilaration – all mean that your soul is engaged and raring to go.
  2. Just know that nothing, absolutely nothing is a mistake. It might not have been very mindful at that point in time but it is no less valuable in experience as all the other ‘right’ decisions you have taken. Our souls long for new experiences, new thoughts, new directions. They have no judgment of right or wrong, success or failure as the world does. What a relief! When you love an experience for all the wisdom it gave you, you are no longer setting yourself up for repetitive experiences or choices.
  3. This one is a big one – don’t consider the ‘cons’. Look at all the ‘pros’ you want and allow that fabulous feeling of excitement, happiness, this-is-so-right. When you consider the ‘cons’, you’re unnecessarily giving energy to something you don’t want to happen.

    “Do not give a second thought to anything that you do not choose to experience.” ~ Julius

    Just know that you will be able to deal with whatever challenges come up because you are the empowered being that can. You convert each challenge into an opportunity for growth and take your empowerment to the next level.

  4. Then there are times when it’s really a case of the devil or the deep blue sea. That’s the time to change your perception and see if you can view both options with an open mind that allows in more possibilities and perhaps even other options. Turn the whole thing around and seek out only the ‘pros’ even if you can’t see them initially. You’ll be surprised at the results!
We have in our minds the perfect scenario of how we would like a decision to play out. This can be the very thing that sabotages it, that gets it its label of ‘Wrong’. As you journey through consciousness, you give up the fear-based need to control every aspect and go with the flow.
“Spirituality and consciousness isn’t in all the safety. It’s creating safety in every situation for yourself.”
~ Julius
That’s what it all boils down to – the ability to make empowered choices that feed your soul. Then each day is an adventure waiting to happen.
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The Space In Between Thoughts

Julius will explain a plane of existence so deep and so intriguing that you must listen… If we are all thought, rolling into itself in a never ending nothingness, then is there any space in between, and what is it like…


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