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We spend a great deal of our time figuring out how to bring more harmony into some of our close relationships because we can’t consign them into the far beyond so easily. We spend some more time figuring out how to interact and get along with colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances who figure prominently in our lives at certain points in our lives. That’s a lot of thought and effort and figuring out we do, consciously as well as without really noticing that we are expending so much time and effort.
What would really help us in all of this is a true understanding of the other person’s state of consciousness. What are the various characteristics to be generally found in people in a certain phase of consciousness? How can we use this information to develop more understanding and compassion of the other?
*Anita would get really bogged down by her relationship with her mother-in-law. There was this remote control of her life and her son’s life that was most intrusive even while it was couched in the most pleasant terms. And slowly her resentment built up, rather than dissipated even as she struggled to put aside what she felt was not appropriate. Through a chance meeting with an old friend, she was introduced to the 7 stages or phases that every physical being goes through on their way to ascension. That was when she realised how her own and her mother-in-law’s state of consciousness were contributing to the disharmony and build-up of resentment and guilt. Through her deeper understanding, Anita was able to change the dynamics of the relationship by remaining true to herself as well as being compassionate towards the former bane of her life. Over years, that relationship did achieve some semblance of peace.
Relationships are a major force of disruption or love and support in our lives. The way we interact with another all depends on how much we understand them and honor who and what they are on their journey, without compromising our own. What helps here is a wise teaching given through the ages, but obscured from the mainstream from time to time that gives a comprehensive description of who we are in the moment of Now and what defines us in every phase of our journey that may span thousands of lifetimes.
Julius gives a clear, detailed description of 7 stages and phases of this journey that each of us will go through till we finally ascend off the plane. Its immense value lies not only in guiding us in understanding ourselves and others but it is also the most important blueprint we could ever have to raising our consciousness, which brings all resolution to us and our lives.
*Name changed to protect privacy
Second Level of Consciousness | Expand with Julius and Xpnsion Network

Second Level of Consciousness

This is the second of a 7-month process to provide a deeper definition by describing this perspective and experiences in this state of being in greater detail.


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