if God was Gay | Expand with Julius and Xpnsion Network
Depending upon who you are at this moment in your existence as a human being, your answer to this question or statement says everything about who you actually are. Where did your mind race to when you asked yourself that question? What if you are merely having an experience based upon your gender in this lifetime? Would it change the way you think, or react to what is going on around you? Are you open-minded enough to accept the possibility that God is all of it? And are you even more open-minded to accept that quite possibly you are God experiencing what it is you are experiencing based on what you have chosen to be in this lifetime?
In today’s world, the argument goes back and forth as to whether this group or that gets any recognition for who they are. Some human beings are constantly struggling and literally fighting with others to have the right to be who they are, to have the same rights or privileges as everyone else. This article is not going to debate that issue. But, what we are going to debate, if there needs to be a debate, is why does it matter if God is everything? If God is everything, isn’t there a level playing field for everyone when it comes to their existence? What I’m saying is…do you really think that God cares if you are any of the above? I guess it falls back on your belief as to what God is. And whether you believe there is even a God out there somewhere in the vast universe. Let’s pose a possibility to you, shall we? Most human beings believe or have been led to believe that God is this all-powerful, omnipotent being that can’t be reached or touched, who sits upon a throne of gold and makes all these decisions, and you are usually a sinner in its eyes. Then depending upon how well you perform in this human existence, this God will reward you. Well…what if you are God? What if you are the very Being that man says is outside of yourself, and untouchable? Would it change the way you treated others or even yourself? What if God doesn’t make those decisions but you do? You make those decisions based upon who you are at this moment in existence. If God knows everything and you are God, how powerful does that make you? It would certainly clear away the feelings of lacking something based upon gender. It would definitely take out of the equation the judgment that is so rampant on this plane of existence. And it would most certainly eliminate the arguments as to who has rights and who doesn’t, because the other human beings are also God.

This is the missing element that NO ONE wants to accept. You are here as a being to experience this human existence just the way you are. And you are God. Would that change the way you look at everything around you? Would it change the way human beings treated everyone else around them if they knew that everyone else was God too? That everyone else is the same Being just experiencing this life from a different vantage point or perspective?

Belief systems tend to be extremely binding and resistant. They are resistant to change and possibilities. In general, human beings tend to get fixated on certain beliefs and then remain closed off to all other variations of thought. Do you realize that you are having thoughts that are different from everyone else? What I mean is, it doesn’t matter if you think you believe or have likened thoughts to those of religions or groups, the truth is that every single person thinks differently. Can you grasp that? You do not ever think exactly alike. It is impossible to think alike, because thought will always trigger an emotion and no two humans experience emotion the same way. That emotion will turn your thought into an experience and therefore no one is ever having the exact same experience. So why even try?

Wouldn’t it be awesome…. no, let’s say “Super Awesome” if we encouraged this truth? To say onto each other
“Please think differently, please think individually, please listen and learn, please stop judging.”
Your Soul comes into the physical with only one agenda….do you know what that is?r
“To Make Known the Unknown.”
That is it. It does not seek sameness, it does not seek mundane, it does not seek to do what others tell you to do. It simply does not. It seeks adventure and newness. That is what scares most human beings, the fact that those that are different are just that….different. Your soul will always create something different because it is God. And your soul knows that in order to do that, to create, it will create different platforms to create through. It’s really like having different costumes to wear on stage and different roles to play.

Your body and preferences are what those are – amazing choices of differing experiences. It makes known the unknown for your Soul, and your Soul rejoices!

God is All… all thought, all variations, all possibilities. We know this is true, because if it wasn’t, we would all be the same. Isn’t it absolutely thrilling and delightful that we are not? What if we simply allowed all the variations and saw them as such? What if we embraced them? What if we declared them? One day we will and until then perhaps we could just Love…

What would our world be like if we allowed ourselves to love, to embrace the thought or idea that we are all one, we are all God, we are all the same just having different experiences? What if this is the truth? What if we accepted this truth? We would change ourselves within and the world without. What if we were the really powerful beings who could create this amazing world of love, acceptance and allowance of all expressions of being? Is it time for everyone to start asking these ‘what if’ questions? So many want to be equal, to be treated the same, to be accepted. Can we open our hearts, our minds and joyfully smile at all the innumerable expressions of God in its magnificence? It would be the greatest recognition of ourselves as God!

Written by Brad Wallis